Lin Thailand tourism market developed, tourism, foreign trade and foreign investment has become the three pillar industries in Thailand economy, the ability to earn foreign exchange in the Southeast Asian countries in the first place, in the Asia Pacific region also in the forefront. the rapid development of the tourism industry in Thailand is closely related to the sustained prosperity of the whole economy in Thailand for many years, and its rich and varied natural and cultural tourism resources. It is also the result of the Thailand government attaches great importance to the development of the tourism industry. Back in the last century 70’s, the Thailand government made it clear that we should take the road of the development of tourism, Disposable e cigarette the establishment of tourism administration, and the establishment of the prime minister’s office of tourism, tourism, arts, transportation, aviation, police, restaurants, etc to do a good job of tourism promotion, wide open source, but also a major measure of the development of tourism in Thailand. Thai government invested heavily every year for tourism promotion, in addition to the
commonly used advertising, newspapers, movies, video and other means of publicity in the world, t
he establishment of specialized Mechanical Mod and RDA tourism agencies, to invite E-CIG CHINA other countries of government leaders, international wellknown experts, scholars, entrepreneurs to visit Thailand, the tourism industry. in a substantial increase in investment, accelerate the construction of hotels, hotels, while Thailand has attached great importance to improve the quality of tourism services, such as the recruitment of tourism staff to adhere Hot E Cig kits to high standards, strict business training and education, to provide a
higher salary, a serious mistake to dismiss. ; tourism development in Thailand has brought huge economic benefits, in addition to creating a large number of foreign exchange earnings, but also to promote the development of food, housing, travel, purchase and other industries related to tourism, and promote the development of construction, construction materials, water and electricity installation, horticulture,
catering, manufacturing, transportation and communications industry. however, after decades of development, Thailand tourism
industry is also facing some problems, such as the tourism industry to the environment caused by varying degrees of pollution in Thailand, the spread of pornographic industry as a social problem, while also from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries of the E-CIGARETTE CHINA tourism industry, as the main source of Thailand, China’s tourism industry is growing. in recent years, the Thailand Tourism Administration has taken a series of measures and methods. Such as the implementation of the new tourism promotion plan, opening up new tourist attractions, increasing advertising and promotional activities, efforts to improve the tourism environment and conditions. In the domestic launch Thailand Thailand Tour and other activities, encourage their young students to participate in outdoor travel, ask their parents to let their children participate in birdwatching, hiking, camping, diving, boating, riding mountain bike etc The implementation of air tickets, hotel concessions for group travel. The government of Thailand is also concerned about the cooperation of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA tourism development in the Mekong River Basin, which is intended to carry out tourism cooperation with China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea and Vietnam. Take these measures, will help the sustainable development of the tourism industry in Thailand.