Meizhou city is not small, but the railway station is not very prosperous, is located in the remote, the station is not eyecatching, and not to say, standing on Disposable e cigarette the ground is not characterized, is a big match box. Then every 5 pairs of passenger trains operating scale also make it seem deserted. Landed on 6:54 he drove the K799 times
fast airconditioning, carriage is already overcrowded, this is dream way south to meet the most crowded car. Fortunately, we buy votes. This car is Wuchang Shantou end to the end, a passenger complained that: from Nanchang has been standing to Meizhou is not mixed, you have a seat on the train Hot E Cig kits from Meizhou! amp; amp; amp; Guangdong Chaoshan area city really dense, slap in the face region actually have three prefecture level city of Chaozhou, Jieyang, Shantou.
Travel before you want to travel in Chaozhou and Shantou, the journey and change the idea, to get rid of Chaozhou only to swim in Shantou. This may be a wrong decision, Chaozhou is China’s famous historical and cultural city and excellent tourist city! amp; amp; amp; train at about 9:30 punctual arrived in Shantou, rail
way station is located in remote areas of the eastern part of the main city of Shantou, within the range
of station 300 meters turn a big circle, actually did not find accommodation place, E-CIG CHINA only in railway station downstairs in the small Hotel reluctantly all over, although the condition is very
poor, prices are not low, dream preliminary experience of the Guangdong high prices. Shantou station accommodation is difficult, this is the first Shantou encounter new things. amp; amp; amp; in front of the station have a large electrical appliances market South Electrical Center, but most businesses close the door has been almost deserted, and only a handful of shops are still hard to support. Shantou sea and air transport, who would like to come to this day only 3 train train station to do business? Like other cities, in front of the train station ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA has underground civil air defense projects, in many places this but business treasure of gold, and in Shantou did not seem to enabled. It seems that this area of appreciation will have to wait for the further development of Shantou’s economy and further expansion of the size of the city. The station facilities idle, this is the second Shantou encounter new things. Mechanical Mod and RDA amp; amp; amp; placed in readiness, from Shantou station take the No.11 bus? Stone bridge, nonstop? Stone scenic Tashan scenic area, which may is a mistake, like car to ferry terminal and ride the ferry to see more beautiful. Tashan scenic area of elderly people free of charge, only cable fare 17 yuan, conductor and recommended ticket 8 yuan to the private attractions Buddha palace of pleasure. This is a local, huge volume, the Golden Buddha sitting on the E-CIGARETTE CHINA roadside beam fairly, but the Buddha belly is full.