mentioned speed and passion in the Hollywood series, many fans are talking about. Since the first release in 2001, has experienced 6 versions of the speed and passion in the global box office up to $2300000000, becoming the most concerned about a large. March 26th, speed and passion in Sanlitun, Beijing, orange hall held a news conference, the United States online brand LOGO in the field of posters, fences, side screens appear. Conference on the eve of the United States online executives to imitate the speed and passion of the leading role of the poster in the Internet spread on the Internet, causing a lot of speculation. Coincidentally, the conference, the United States online senior vice president Lu Ning and film starring van? Diesel intimate photo, once again become a public focus. In this regard, some electricity suppliers said, is the United States and the United States to play with speed and passion challenge after the war Jingdong in just over the past year, the United States online not only completed a comprehensive line of resources to complete the line, but also achieved rapid growth performance. Has experienced setbacks in the United States online, is accelerating to catch up with competitors. Data show that in 2014 the United States online transactions rose 84.4%, nearly doubled, the market share in
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Light Purplethe B2C field by ninth to fifth. needless to say, in the field of electricity suppliers gradually into the role of the United States online, inherited the United States and the United States this chain of home appliance giant’s courage and passion. In the implementation of the results of highspeed growth, the United States and the United States online chairman Mou Gui made in 2015 sales and then doubled, ranking into the top three goals. It is not difficult to see that the United States and the United States online executives for the business of the electricity business, as well as the ambition to win. in order to achieve the goal of 2015, the United States online use in the home appliance industry supply chain advantages, as well as the line across the country, continue to launch promotional war. Online shopping experience is king of the pattern, the United States online logistics advantages more prominent. In order to enhance the user’s shopping experience, the United States launched online and the United States online and a three day and day to send the strategy, has now covered 178 cities. Under the support of a good logistics system, the double 11 promotion last year, the time of service to create a double 30 single 11 minute service miracle. is clear, the United States and the United States online logistics speed, or the development of speed, and the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster speed and passion 7 in some of the scenes are quite similar. Speed and passion in a dozen years of enduring influence, the United States online frequently appeared in the speed and passion 7 conference, which indicates that the United States after the United States online challenge, but also set off a high speed development of the passion war, continued to force the United States online drama staged passion comprehensive information on all aspects of view, the United States and the United States online together with passion and speed 7 engage in crossborder entertainment marketing, for the upcoming 4.18 promotional war. It is understood that the United States and the United States online is currently preparing for the theme of the 41

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