meter energy saving electric mouse Guangdong arrested illegal theft of electricity amounted to 700000 kwh, resulting in a loss of 400000 yuan p a a href rel = Guangxi News Network southern part of the country morning post are safe amp; reporter blue ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Feng on August 21, Du’an Yao Autonomous County Public Hot E Cig kits Security Bureau revealed that after more than half a year of careful investigation, police recently successfully detected with illegal modification of smart meter electric larceny case, help people refitting ammeter electric mouse yellow A in
Guangdong were arrested. Power supply E-CIGARETTE CHINA department estimates the loss of electricity for 700000 kwh, resulting in loss of 400000 yuan. p in October last year, Du’an County power supply area within the user of electricity appeared serious power abnormal fluctuations, power supply enterprises with electrical inspection team through the investigation found that, each county supply area has many households intelligent electric meter box sealing buckle is manmade forgery and meter manufacturers seal lead and metrological sealing lead by secondary changes. p Du’an County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade relevant responsible person said, at the end of last year, some residents of the home intel
ligent meter monthly electricity consumption increases suddenly, the electricity consumption
of more than 1000 kilowatts, then these E-CIG CHINA people is to the power supply enterprise reflect the situation. After the power company survey found that these residents of the home of the meter have been moved by
the hands and feet. Thus, the power company to troubleshoot the city’s household electricity meter, and found another abnormal phenomenon, some households in the home of the electricity meter, the electricity consumption for several consecutive months significantly lower. It turned out that these abnormal meter users, they are in the installation of electricity meter when the hands and feet, and hope that the electricity meter with the power to go slowly, did not expect it to appear some electricity meter go faster. by Guangxi electric energy metering mechanism for the passive over the smart meter for testing, found that the meter measurement data and the actual use of power, a serious error, the error rate was higher than 80%. It is understood that the smart meter passive hands, but also the hotel and hotel and other large number of electric. p Mechanical Mod and RDA due to a major case, the County Public Security Bureau assigned battalion of the criminal investigation, the case has set up a task force, full of Du’an first illegal modification smart meter electric larceny case investigation work. In accordance with Disposable e cigarette the law to a plurality of stealing household investigation and evidence collection, the Criminal Investigation Brigade confirmed illegal modification of smart meter suspect identity and residence. , however, before the Spring Festival this year, due to the implementation of the police series feel bad catch, Hwang suspects caught absconding. Task force to re adjust the ideas and direction of the investigation, except in the region were dispatched, to four neighboring provinces issued a circular for assistance in investigation letter. In August 6th, the police went straight to Guangzhou douan. After half a year, the suspect Hwang hide oneself from place to place in Shenzhen is ready to flee, the police team of Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau arrest. at the beginning of the public security organ