[Mo Yan] speech and I wrote Mo Yan three Hongzhu [1 Mo Yan why escape teach people to fight the political? ] Mo Yan in life to avoid politics, in writing but not afraid to show political and even comic political. Politics has two kinds: Mo Yan said politics is small competing interests of teaching people to fight, for partisan political struggle, the writer has power to hide far hide far, unless he is not afraid to break the peace of the study. but political everywhere, it transcends the partisan, beyond class, teach people tolerant and kind to each other. For example, advised people to do good religion, even the source of literature. In contrast, many small political almost ferocious as cult. for literary writing, beauty is the biggest political writers, is the most love and constitute its not a threat and harm of universal values. How could literature completely divorced from politics? The literature itself, is a kind of political. A small political dwarf and show oneself in one’s true colors make the great compassion, concern, the great faith. The politics of real literature, are harmless. small political teaching people to fight, political teaching people to embrace, or shake hands. Such as literature, teaching people to love each other, including teaching people to learn a small political lessons, free from hate. The only major political to treat small political cause for this world of trauma. In order to solve the secular political give us the spirit world trouble. Mo Yan’s self evaluation: in daily life, I can be a grandson, cowards, are to be pitied, but writing a novel, I am Mr. St. Nick, driven by passion, monstrous audacity. is far from a small political, to closer political. I wonder if Mo Yan do? but the litterateurs must be great politicians, big idealists, but he understood the political concept, with the laity in mind often is not the same as, or even not at all the same thing. He is not a service to the motherland, and the motherland more won’t serve in the opposite of exotic, he only served in the Republic of their. Utopia is his real mother. His political consciousness is not only beyond party and nation, has gone beyond the national. He was a man of independent, sometimes also on behalf of all mankind. no doubt: literature is beyond borders. Because of this understanding, Mo Yan dare to say Nobel literature prize is awarded to writers, rather than to the country. as the saying goes literature is human study, able to understand the human nature, and through the creation and dissemination of works, so that the overall consciousness of human ascension to more good and more beautiful realm, can the God of literature, literature of the living buddha. beyond the secular political can achieve ideal politics, perhaps every writer is very difficult to play the role of salvation so, but we turned over thousands of years of history of literature: the world will find all writers into the record books, almost all in effort. Their cooperation to create a god of literature, literary theory of the human spirit