p amp; nbsp amp; amp; in the stock market is excellent, investors often do not see the stock market risk, and always like to find arguments to support bull market argument, put some leaders take out when the amulet, for Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men example, the central bank
Nike Flyknit Trainer Women Shoes Online Sale governor Zhou Xiaochuan said, funds into the stock market also support the real I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women economy. In fact, the leadership of the words to find a look you will I like Nike foamposite one find that we are only pick their favorite sentence. In March 12, 2015, Zhou Xiaochuan said: I do not oppose the release of structural monetary policy funds into the stock market, because this is also able to support the real economy. Zhou also pointed out that both equity financing and bank loans, the funds are well support the enterprises of all types of development, especially more and more enterprises through the issuance of equity financing, the entity economy development; although there are some speculative financial transactions from the real economy, but can not be generalized, the
WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women Shoes Online Sale central bank will of the speculation to be on guard. In fact, if we carefully try to figure out, this is very neutral words, Zhou Xiaochuan as head of the central bank certainly can not be said to aga
Womens Nike Free 3.0 V5 140822019inst the funds into the stock market. ; about the national bull market, the Lujiazui International Financial Research Institute of the international financial research institute researcher Yu Weiguo is very wide, even the voice of the economy, the central finance and economics are reproduced in reference to his point of view. But I don’t think he’s right. He believes that the stock market rally is a national strategy, the stock market has never been raised by
http://someke.com/news/html/?27506.html the Chinese government to such a strategic height. Reform of stateowned enterprises, the implementation of IPO registration Nike Air Max Sale For kids system, reduce the bar bar rate, improve the income of residents of wealth, economic restructuring and so on, these strategic tasks need to be a prosperous capital market to do the foundation. In
Nike Freen 3.0 V5 Women Shoes Online Sale other I buy Nike air foamposite one words, the country needs a bull market, and the economic transformation needs a bull market. Based on this, he concluded: the stock market will take over the real estate market and become a new national strategy. In short, no printing money, printing stock; not to sell land, sell stock. How can this letter, because printing stocks, fried stocks can not solve any practical problems. Fundamentally, the stock market should not rise, it must be said by the real economy. ; we look at the stock market in China in the last 10 years. Through the figure you can see, the SSE Composite Index of the I love Nike air foamposite pro price earnings ratio is still relatively normal, April 2015 the highest point is only 2.34 times, NASDAQ and 25 times, the S amp; P 500 18.5 times close. But the small board and gem is still very crazy, which small and mediumsized panels of the earnings rate 83 times, has been close to 2007 October 85 times the level, while the gem more outrageous, in May 2015 earnings rate as high as 133.76 times. horizontal point of view, the U.S. stock market history, there have been such a crazy time, and the distance is not far away. We look at the picture, the United States in the past 20 years the United States Nasdaq composite index and the S amp; P 5