Original title: Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang made a deformity of the political and business relations? 26, "new relationship between government and business research report released, which lists the Ministry of Railways original Minister Liu Zhijun and merchant Ding, Zhou Yongkang and Sichuan Hanlong i like air max shoes Group Chairman Ambrose, Bo Xilai and Dalian Shide former chairman Xu and other cases, and the relations between government and business, to entrepreneurs proposed seven recommendations. 26, "the new political and business relations," the research report, the national development and Research Institute of Peking University. The "report" said to bribes in return for resources of old government and business cost is too high, It is all up with. Enterprises need to be more able to avoid risks, more conducive to the long-term development of enterprises in the new political and business relations. "Past corruption
Air Jordan Shoes Women investigation, involving entrepreneurs buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online with the anti-corruption Department investigation, provide clues to solve the case and so on, get the anti-corruption Department dealt with leniently, the majority of bribery is not punishment sentencing, but in the current round of anti-corruption, involved in corruption in business and government relations etc. many entrepreneurs to be spared." "Politics" (micro channel ID:gcxxjgzh) noticed in the report, citing the Ministry of Railways Liu Zhijun, the former minister and businessman Ding Shumiao, Zhou Yongkang and Sichuan Hanlong Group Chairman Ambrose, Bo Xilai
Mens Carmelo Anthony 11 Shoes 150805013 and Dalian Shide former chairman Xu and other cases. In addition, Guangdong Province recently issued the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial supervision department on to promote the construction of a new relationship between government and business several opinions (Trial) "focus norms of leading i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes cadres and enterprise of blame state ownership and the person in charge of the communication, the answer
Carmelo Anthony Shoes to the how to form conducive to political and business" pro "" Qing "communication of social environment. Xi Jinping: combination
http://gej.testing.ratelsoft.com/forum/profile.php?id=255702 of officials and businessmen will inevitably lead to the bureaucracy at the beginning of March, Xi Jinping attended the second session of the fourth session of the CPPCC CDNCA, industrial and Commercial Joint sector meeting of the joint committee. "Politics" (micro channel ID:gcxxjgzh) attention to. In the meeting, Xi i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Jinping talked about how to construct the new government business relations, "pro" "clear" two words to generalize. Xi Jinping said that the leading cadres, the so-called "pro", is to be forthright and sincere with the private enterprise contacts, especially in private enterprises encountered difficulties and problems under the condition of more to as a positive, front service, wholeheartedly support the development of private economy. The so-called "Qing", is relations with private entrepreneurs to innocence, purity, not greedy selfish, not abuse of power, can not engage in bartering. For private entrepreneurs, the so-called "pro", is active in the party committees and governments at all levels and departments communicate more exchanges, to tell the truth, tell the truth, the harbinger, enthusiastic support local development. The so-called "Qing", is to clean, take the right path, do law-abiding business, work in just ways to engage in business. "Politics" (micro channel ID:gcxxjgzh) noted back in the late eighties of the last century, Xi Jinping had on "the relationship between government and business made elaborate. In July 1988, then served as the Fujian Province Ningde prefectural Party
Air Jordan Shoes Men Committee Secretary Xi Jinping in Zherong County study warned officials: "don’t see business rich and feel a sense of loss… If you feel when the cadre uneconomical, may resign to engage in business industry, but do not want to an officer wants to get rich, buy air max shoes online but also to use their power for personal gain, combined with officials and businessmen will inevitably lead to buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online bureaucracy. " In March 2004, Xi Jinping in the small section is a mirror