on the shortterm operation of average 30 days p this Friday, management of the card, even the 50ETF option to stop, could lead to a rebound in the stock market, visible I said 3500 points is an important support for the importance of, management layer is not easy to checkmate it, otherwise, everything is nothing, and then save difficult, so only recently in the above 3500 points for survival, and perhaps a shares can do. p do stocks, although useful, but must also be to follow the market E-CIGARETTE CHINA changes, is now refers to the era, is two financial times, and then the usual to
speculate in the stock market, how do ah? So, I still have to remind investors: usually according to my previous technology stocks to profit is you savvy high, the possibility of losing is great, so, once again remind investors: I used to write the book, many content is not suitable for current market, even for you good luck, please don’t talk to me about the book, I’ll never write another. p in early July, the fortune exchange held in Hangzhou, I will, draw the speculation shares in the sector, presumably a month in lucrative the, today
to write this blog, I just want to remind you that to teach at Disposable e cigarette that time of the bottom, this month can be used, in order to support the majority of my fans, also can use this method to obtain shortterm profits, I simply explain, in the hope that useful to you, if you want to obtain complete operating skills, can participate in after wealth forum organized by the exchange will. p I
have always said, enter the market, is to make money, if not to make money, don’t talk about what the Lei Feng
spirit, is impossible, people must not be E-CIG CHINA too hypocritical; regardless of any time, total profit, the recent blog, I always remind time shares and small cap stocks, presumably did not disappoint. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA now has a lot of stocks, has set foot on the 30 day of the average line, you just pay close attention to the 5 day of the average, it once on the average of 30 days, and MACD also appear red, you just along the average line of 5 days, the general situation, it will attack Mechanical Mod and RDA at least 5 weeks of average, even in May, the average line, how to Hot E Cig kits do? You
will see your stock picking skills. I can’t help you, of course, during which there are an important weekly indicators can with the use of hope students don’t forget. p back to talk about the market it, I still that sentence: easy or hard up, there is a sign of trouble, retail is a moreover, the banking sector is higher than the Hong Kong market, now Hong Kong stocks through time, how dare you? Brokers after the baptism, performance loss, the bull market also rose no, concussion city want to rise is also difficult to, those self righteous young hairy child, can do a good job from the camp? Not to lose to blame? Ocean plate collective suspension, the aviation sector performance is not good, what is the relationship with you, in case of oil rose after what? comprehensive conclusion: there is still support near 3500 points.