the socalled constipation, from the perspective of modern medicine, it is not a specific disease, but a symptom of a variety of diseases. Constipation in the degree of light weight, in time can be temporary, but also can be a long time. Because of constipation caused
Nike Shoes China by many reasons, but also very complex. Therefore, once the occurrence of constipation, especially more serious and longer duration of constipation, such patients should be promptly to the hospital for examination, to find the cause of constipation, so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment of primary disease, and constipation can be solved timely, correctly and effectively the pain never abuse laxatives. Constipation is a significant reduction in the number of bowel movements, every 2 to 3 days or longer time, no regular, fecal dry hard, often accompanied by a sense of the pathological phenomenon of bowel movements. Some of the normal number of genius defecation, but no discomfort, this is not a case of constipation. Constipation can be divided into two types of acute and chronic. Acute constipation caused by intestinal obstruction, intestinal paralysis, acute peritonitis, cerebrovascular accident and other acute diseases caused by chronic constipation, the cause is more complex, generally no obvious symptoms. According to the location of I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the classification, can be divided into two kinds: 1. Due to the colon, outside the mechanical obstruction caused by constipation referred to as mech
Mens Kevin Durant 8 150924045anical constipation. Due to the weakening or loss of colonic motility caused by constipation, referred to as the inability of constipation. Due to the intestinal smooth muscle spasm caused by constipation
Kevin Durant Shoes Online Sale referred to as spastic constipation. Rectal constipation. Due to the sensitivity of rectal mucosal receptors, the fecal mass was reduced in the rectum. In rectal cancer, anal disease, etc Habitual constipation is more common in the elderly and multiparous women. Take Chinese medicine, constipation is mainly composed of hot nodes, in Qi, body fluid deficiency and spleen kidney deficiency caused by. Hot in traditional Chinese medicine think that too thick spicy food of the ignorant, service warm tonic products can cause
Kevin Durant 4 Men Shoes Online Sale Yang Sheng burning Yin; fever, heat lingering stomach, wound fluid consumption; or downward flow of damp heat in the large intestine, intestinal dryness heat, injury Tianjin and constipation, this kind of constipation also known as heat constipation. 2. Qi stagnation emotional discomfort, sorrow worries, sedentary less dynamic, bedridden and so on caused by qi stagnation, resulting in Escherichia conduction dereliction of duty, the dross in stop, and constipation, the socalled gas lag and no. Stool is not dry, but the difficulty is the characteristics of this type of this type, so it is also known as gas body fluid deficiency I love Nike air foamposite pro chronic illness, postpartum, elderly and frail, deficiency of both qi and blood; internal injury of spleen and stomach, drinking less, source is insufficient, disease too sweating, diarrhea impairment of Yin. Qi E. transfer weakness, blood deficiency due to loss of body fluid, the large intestine I buy Nike air foamposite one moistening dystrophy, intestinal stem I like Nike foamposite one withered, lines and obscure, so called virtual secret. 4. Spleen and kidney deficiency in high disease for a long time, kidney yang deficiency, Yang does not carry the Yin evil condensation; or known as deficiency of Spleen Yang, and by cold attack, caused by Yang deficiency of spleen and kidney, temperature Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men according to the right is cold and qi stagnation, gut transit weakness, difficulty in defecation, said cold secret. The Nike Air Max Sale For kids main performance of the clinical manifestations of constipation is the reduction of stool frequency, time interval, or normal, but the quality of feces dry, difficult to discharge; or fecal matter is not, discharge is not free. Can be accompanied by abdominal distension, abdominal pain, anorexia, nausea and other symptoms of heating. Often in the left lower quadrant of the abdomen and the stool or spastic intestinal type. Acute constipation is caused by intestinal obstruction, intestinal paralysis, acute peritonitis, cerebrovascular accident, acute