p according to iResearch iResearch launched the network video market monitoring system iVideoTracker the latest data, in 2015 June network TV hit list, popular idol Wallace, starring flower thousands of bone to break the million viewers won the first prize, also based on the popular novel, the Daomu also showed good ranking of Bangyan. Film, the family as the main theme of the film, lost alone to the top of the weak edge, running! the wolf continuous list. Variety, Zhejiang TV flagship program run! Brothers in the second quarter and the father came back, the second season ranked in the top two. Old program happy camp, if you are the one and other performance stability. 2015 June, online video including TV, movies, variety coverage reached 437000000, compared with the growth of 3.9% last month, compared with the same period last year increased by 1.3%, the overall stability of the. Demand for TV play to maintain high, the number reached 335000000. Number of users of the arts and film are hit a new high in the past six months, respectively, 272000000 people and 248000000 people. p will have a broad mass base of popular Internet novel onto the screen has become a magic weapon ra
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellowtings tested, June TV drama, the top5 show concentrated spend thousands of bone, Daomu and two flowered are novel and, in the network harvest high popularity. Marysu type of the plot to make the flower of a thousand bones captured a large number of young girls, the number of the audience is mainly concentrated in the 24 year old unmarried women, TGI as high as 120. Fan Bingbing, Han Geng, many big name
http://ynnation.com/news/html/?170071.html to join the Silk men series of outstanding performance, this month rose sixth ranking two. Juvenile four has been a number of consecutive months of the list, this month is still stay in the list ninth. film, Andy Lau, Jing Bairan starring the lost alone in the first place with 14130000 people. Lost to solitary crackdown as the theme, but the tear take warm heart line. Andy Lau in the film to subvert the image of the star in the farmers, from the male god Xi Li Ge, to attract more people to pay attention to the problem of missing. The youth theme movie, rush of that year in two or three place. By Wujing selfdirected and performed in China’s first 3D war film Beowulf in theaters becomes dark horse at the box office, known as the conscience of the domestically produced piece work. After the release of the high popularity of the network, this month to stay in the list fourth. variety, brothers run it second seasons since the launch of the topic constantly, for three consecutive months in the variety list. At the end of the 6 program close to ending, the last trip to Saipan brought another wave of ratings boom. Star dad MOE baby get together, Dad came back in the second quarter of June, covering the number of over second 40000000. A sister known variety of sweet hope become microblog hot search regulars, occasionally pop out a verse also make the program got time. With the development of the game, the comedy contest program happy comedy get more attention of the user, in June the number of 34410000, an increase of 57.5%.

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