p according to reports, at present, Beijing is the whole or part of the relocation, exchanges and cooperation, coordinate and promote municipal colleges and universities to ease the center city, to promote the rational distribution of educational resources. Has determine the ease of education project, schedule, 2017 will make substantial progress, basically completed in 2020 to ease. Beijing this time the school layout adjustment, the E-CIG CHINA future development of urban optimization and education will have a profound impact, therefore, the layout of the adjustment Mechanical Mod and RDA of scientific toplevel design, is necessary. Beijing clearly, ease the education function is not one size fits all to realistic conditions and possibility of advancing, orderly ease, not like a swarm of bees all ease out, the idea and practice very well. It should also be noted that in the school layout planning, we must listen to the views of the school, teachers and students, and fully consider the school layout adjustment after school, should not take administrative thinking, and neglect education thinking. from all over the country have occurred in the school relocation and university city construction, many places exist from the government decisionmaking, the school is passive implementation, the results lead to the school relocation dispute, after the relocation of the school running problems. Teacher is still living in the ci
ty, bustle in the city and campus ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA every day, a class collective sit bus back to the town and huge campus, leaving only the students; students can not understand that boarding university learning the true meaning of, no and teachers to learn together, life, E-CIGARETTE CHINA growth space. For such a layout adjustment, more is the complaint of teachers and students. p originally, the University from the big city downtown relocation to the suburbs and even prefecture level city, is a promotion of municipal construction, the development of
school and three line urban social and economic development winwin thing. In the United States, a lot of firstclass universities are built in small areas, and even the town, the school is not only a teacher, students at ease to do learning, the move can also promote local economic development. But in our country, in recent years, the emergence of a phenomenon is that the Disposable e cigarette original construction in the cities of the University, in the preparation for the relocation of the capital city, which is why? one, many public universities, the source of funding is government funding,
and the government’s resources, and often concentrated in large cities, the way, but also by the government combined with administrative assessment results, therefore, the school to obtain resources, it is essential to do a good job and the government, in this case, it is very important to hold. And foreign universities, schools have access to resources, the allocation of resources from the government is not required to go to public relations education funding allocated by the committee to decide the budget, and supervise the implementation of the government, therefore, in the town of schools, there are still plenty of school funding. second, the University of China built in the three line of the city, but also often complain that students do not have internship opportunities, to find a job also has a lot of inconvenience, which Hot E Cig kits also led to the school enrollment is affected. Foreign universities are how to solve the problem? Foreign firstclass university, in the school on
the emphasis of students’ ability to cultivate, including doing independent experiments, to carry out research, in addition, the school attaches great importance to the
students career planning guidance, in particular, to play the role of boarding and tutorial system, so that students and teachers in the campus life,