p according to voice of China national network news reports, the infant formula milk powder formulations registered management approach Trial to seek the views of the release E-CIGARETTE CHINA is beginning to solicit opinions, October 1 implementation. Draft of infant formula milk powder enterprises E-CIG CHINA production, advertising and labeling multiple provisions, such as non label content of imported milk source, educational and other misleading consumers; should not use the same
formula to produce different brands of infant formula milk powder. p in April this year, through the new food safety law is put forward to the past formula filing system changed to registration system, the same enterprise shall not Disposable e cigarette use the same formula to produce different brands of infant formula milk powder. Insiders said, is that the current domestic a lot of infant formula milk powder enterprises to take a recipe to make the world strategy for the adjustment. p according to incomplete statistics, at present the country has about 2000 formula milk powder, average every enterprise over more than 20, a formula corresponding generally existed in the practice of a number
of products. Dairy industry analysts Songliang said, under the condition of no substantial difference in the formulation, formulations of the socalled adjustment and upgrading has become an effective means of milk powder companies took the opportunity to rise in price or marketing. p Song Liang: our country infant milk powder sales Hot E Cig kits channel is many, there is electricity, has straight camp shop and super, a lot of enterprises
is according to different channels to implement the brand strategy of different, but the recipe basically did not any difference, from the point of view of competition, in fact, is survival of the fittest eliminating, companies have no incentive to develop new products formula, consumers
also feel confused. p the draft proposed, milk powder enterprises shall not use the same formula to produce different brands of infant formula milk powder, between ages product formulations and difference of at least six more components; or each enterprise may produce more than five series of 15 kinds of products formula. The industry is expected, if according to this draft requirements, Mechanical Mod and RDA the implementation of the current domestic milk powder brands may be significantly reduced to more than 400. in addition, the draft also on the milk business propaganda requirements. Many consumers are
feeling, import milk source, from foreign pastures ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA and other concepts and add puzzle ingredients, enhanced body resistance, etc., are the same as the infant formula milk powder, but young href= rel= nofollow little Song Ganjue, in addition to the price is more expensive, do not seem to understand what. small Song: feel the subject of what foreign milk or to say what has immunity, improve immunity and so on, the price of a good number of grades, and then do not know how to pick ah, is the feeling that you say it is good to buy, if the provisions of a standard, a rectification, if you can