p after RMB and vnd not freely convertible, the exchange rate by stall bank said, some sell a commodity money, but converted into RMB actually lose money. This is the city of Dongxing in Guangxi engaged in border trade business for many years Xiang Jianrui has been plagued. p to actively explore crossborder financial reform and innovation, China in Yunnan and Guangxi corresponding range set up financial comprehensive reform pilot area along the border. With a series of border finance comprehensive reform measures, problem has been cracked sharp items built. E-CIG CHINA reporter learned from the Dongxing Guangxi national key development and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA opening test area, the pilot area to carry out the pilot area Disposable e cigarette of the RMB and the exchange of business has been approved. p Dongxing test district stakeholders introduction, the pilot projects to achieve a breakthrough in many aspects. Clients range from individual extended to individuals and registered in test area of domestic enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households; in exchange facility, with legal qualifications of individuals for border trade E-CIGARETTE CHINA under exchange business from individual nodes exchange annual $50000 and oneday limit on the amount of accumulated $5000. In Mechanical Mod and RDA addition,
the preparation of the payment account opening and business scope has been a bre
akthrough. as China ASEAN Free Trade Area, the construction of the continuous deepening of economic and trade exchanges between China and asean. Customs data show
that the first 5 months of this year, China and ASEAN bilateral trade value of 1.12 yuan, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 1.2%. At present, China is
ASEAN’s largest trading partner. The economic and trade relations have promoted the circulation of money. RMB and vnd exchange business licensed to carry out, will provide great convenience for trade. Xiang Jianrui said. p as
one of China’s first three countries focus on the development of open test area, Dongxing national focus on the development of open test area is only cross a border and coastal region of the test area, China and Southeast Asia, the most convenient land and sea channel. p a series of financial reforms in the areas of Dongxing test a pilot: July 2013, Dongxing test area become after Yiwu, Zhejiang, China second to carry out crossborder trade RMB settlement of individual Hot E Cig kits area; in April this year, Agricultural Bank of China was formally established Dongxing test area China ASEAN currency business center. Deputy director of the p Dongxing border Bureau Biao Jiang introduction, before the RMB and ASEAN currencies in the exchange and need to to the US dollar as an intermediary currency, exchange process cumbersome, fees are relatively high. RMB and ASEAN currency exchange rate, which will reduce the transaction fees, but also effectively avoid the risk of fluctuations in the U.S. dollar exchange rate. data show that last year, Dongxing border trade import and export turnover of 20866000000 yuan. Since last July to the end of this year, Dongxing individual crossborder trade in RMB settlement amount exceeded 12500000000 yuan, an increase of 264%. Huang Zhiyong, vice president of the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, said: in the of the RMB, while we are also in the