p amp; Rin winter has deep, warm clothing to the streets, in the seasons, printing with rumors of certain officials and his circle of friends of people checked. So, well, to apply many different winter warmth. p always officialdom of people interested in the establishment of a small circle, a fellow, classmate, the same year, sibling, clan, industry and baibazi, cliques, andforth, large and small circle occupied throughout the ages of officialdom. Do not think that officialdom people tinker with small circle is playing interest. It is wrong, in fact, establishment of all circles have the purpose, the ancient Officialdom small circle for buy air max shoes online the destruction of the discipline, overhead regime, malfeasants illegal, carve up the resources such as the excesses of corruption acts, like Donglin Qingyi touted as the small circle are in the minority. Small circle once bigger, can stir up trouble and whole movement, make or above place to sway leisurely, very destructive. then, the official establishment of the small circle is intended to do? To put it bluntly, circle of people with this circle platform fishing to outsiders can not get the benefits of, and maximize the grab illegal interests, the circle is interests of i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the union. Small circle the dissemination of error and cove
Mens Kevin Durant 8 151110049r due to the circle of culture as the driving
Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes Men From China force in the history of China for thousands of years, there is no lack of the shadow of the cultural circle, and penetrate to depths of some concepts. From the court has good official to a fence of the three piles, a hero three help the circle of importance for survival; from good umbrella as a protective umbrella to Qin Hui and the threephase what kind of people have what kind of circle.
http://www.ywjb.net/news/html/?2934.html Everyone, to a common interest into the circle, graph is covered, or patronize each other, or to make money, get official come Shunliu. Ming Xizong obsessed with playing his carpentry live, WeiZhongxian will take the opportunity to control the toward the apocalypse, lumbering arbitrary government, under the despotic power, from the central to place 80 ministers into his circle, this kind of queue both homage, and in the circle of the pork barrel. Wei Yan work is vague, my people, will enjoy a position, not me, kill it. The Ming Dynasty by Wei Zhongxian a toss, and decadent. Occurs in Qianlong 39 years of the Qing Dynasty the first big corruption case can be said to be typical of collective crime, Gansu Province Commissioner Wang Dan hope within three years, under the possessive buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of the name of fake relief, corruption donated prison more than a million, in the investigation of corruption officer more than one thousand two hundred shekels of silver, true Dhamma 56 people, exiles 46, Gansu Province i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes officials almost into one of the empty. All the corrupt officials were all problem is not strange, how can the rotten pot? The mystery is the unspoken rules of the circle, you greedy is their own people, if not greedy. Get out. Don’t think corruption are not. From the investigated in recent years the socalled oil to help, Secretary to help, Shanxi help, and Sichuan, Maoming officialdom Woan, it is not difficult to find small circle to the society especially of a region, a department of political ecology of grave harm to, as long as i like air max shoes the circle of people, what can do, are easy to handle, promote yiguanbanzhi is
Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes From China to give priority buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online to, the distribution of social resources is considered to be the
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