p br 2015 February 4, br week three lunar December 16 br cover picture: Supreme People’s Court issued a judicial interpretation shows, online chatting records, blog, micro blog, mobile phone short message, electronic signature, the domain name is formed or store information in the electronic media can regarded as evidence in a civil case. In addition, this judicial interpretation also said that the recording and video data stored in the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA electronic media, the provisions applicable to electronic data. It is reported that this judicial interpretation since February 4th officially implemented. p today reading [Guangxi] br Mechanical Mod and RDA ] Li Xinyuan E-CIGARETTE CHINA served as Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee Guigang br ] Hezhou set up service stations welcome Disposable e cigarette home amp; cavalry amp; br ] Wuzhou roundtrip Guangzhou train ticket is hard to find br ] Yulin City into spring bus 245 vehicles br ] five as the E-CIG CHINA district will now Guangxi first highrise br [newsletter] br ] our fist remediation network account chaos br ] micro ch
annel punishment Plagiarism: five permanent Title br ] Taiwan airliner crashed into the river caused 13 people were killed in the Sichuan br ] uncle letter sun villa map br ] wonderful at the end of the year award popular: the boss to employee feet, p this page for a directory, please press the corresponding key mobile phone to read the
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MMS try. Such attempts above are still not receiving, it is recommended you venue communication 100 service hall to deal with. p [the phone to see the spring] br Hezhou City Service Station to welcome home cavalry br during the Spring Festival period, many workers in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan native workers, choose to ride a motorcycle home to celebrate the new year, tens of thousands of longdistance motorcycle army mighty through Hezhou. In order to ensure the safety of the motorcycle crossing to return home, Hezhou city traffic police department, caring companies to deploy early action, do the preparatory work, to meet the arrival of the motorcycle army. It is reported that Hezhou City respectively in Lingfeng, national 207 line Selenastrum hill, Daning, Zhongshan, Bucheon Baisha set five convenience service. As in previous years, these services will provide free of charge to the home of the army to provide free rest, heating, food, medical, motorcycle
maintenance and other services. Wuzhou Guangzhou roundtrip train tickets for