p derived from the stock market, then set the word ground set man, is often used to ridicule those who hadn’t been spotted goddess, but in the years due to the goddess older or harbor other children and later successful counter attack ? Wire. Now, the word is becoming popular among the industries, to describe the investors who are brave to take down the plate when prices fall. have the news, the recent net will be the seventh round of financing, the amount of 2000000000 yuan up and down. And in May 20th two months ago, Lily network has been carried out 1500000000 yuan of financing. In overseas listed hopeless eager landing new Sanban market and a desire to reverse the decline in the existing pattern of marriage market background under, Lily network boost market expectations, pulled business valuation is imminent. p however, earnings outlook uncertain, the size of the market difficult to break and other factors has pushed up the lily net valuation risk, coupled with dogged competitor, both before the 15 billion or the upcoming 20 billion, Lily network valuation has obvious artificially high, at this time of the investors is may accidentally became disk access man. money king is, the higher the greater the risk valuation in t
Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes Black Whitehe process of valuation, mainly by the enterprise’s total assets value, profitability and industry, government policies and regulations, such as the impact of three major factors, but because the former is more stable, the latter is not too many factors. Therefore, profitability has become an important and relatively easy to charge the price of the chip in the valuation of the enterprise. But in ,
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-will-improve-your-operation.html the profitability of this point, Lily nets give continuous financing answer seems not ideal. Statistics show that in the past two years, the lily network consecutive loss on one hundred million yuan, of which the loss of 60000000 in 2013, although the magnitude of the loss last year has narrowed, but still failed to achieve profitability. in the future earnings expectations, Lily network clout is also not special enough. On the one hand, in order to break through the bottleneck of the user, in late 5, the lily network announced online chat free, means that the net cut off its annual revenue of 40% of the online part. In that is to say, this year will also be faced with the loss of the lily network. on the other hand, after the cut off 40% of online income, Lily network will treasure in marriage counseling and training, marriage and marriage, wedding business, related financial services and other areas of film and television media and other fields of marriage, hoping to make up for the ecological chain through the cut of the trap. but in fact, in order to solve this dilemma, Lily network is not enough time, there is not enough money. According to Lily network CEO Tian Fanjiang said, the development of valueadded services, the time may need six months or even a year to two years. Obviously, this time is not enough for the lily network without the ecological chain gene. Coupled with the previous 15 billion yuan in most are thought has been used for the repurchase of the northern lights, the Jinsha River, the old shareholders shares, expand ecological chain information

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