; p Dragon Hill Valley down big received bribes, a lot of misappropriation of public funds, to directly endanger the security of the state and the army, the Military Commission Vice Chairman Xu, Guo Boxiong, directly into the water, is people’s Liberation core members in the vast network of corruption, seriously affect the combat effectiveness of the generation of soldiers. Such a sinner, died ten thousand times, are not. Gu Junshan is not on the people, not to mention the people’s Liberation Army senior commander. The degree of corruption, has proved that he is a party member, seriously defiled the image of the party, as soldiers, to become the people’s Liberation Army combat power of great negative energy; as a national, he has the loss of normal human nature, E-CIG CHINA serious damage to social stability and justice, to a full of copper odor of social life, manufacturing high strength of the corrosive agent. Since 18, as many as 39 sacked senior officials, including the former Central Military Commission of the two vice chairman. Direct arrangements for these two vice chairman of the system, there have been serious loopholes, resulting in a series of mistakes, into a large g
roup of corruption, a serious impact on the will and the Hot E Cig kits modernization of the army. however, dragon hill Valley is the epitome of the military corruption. He was corrupt, the Mechanical Mod and RDA amount of bribes so large, so that the verdict, the official did not dare to open directly, for fear that the society has brought too much stimulation and shock. Dragon Hill Valley Villa, bullion vault, the Qing Dynasty first, corrupt officials, and with a
stretched, disgraced, as opposed to the Dragon Hill
Valley, and stretched too however,
why not directly sentenced Gu Junshan to death? Many people feel puzzled. Said the Internet is because he provides other military officials crime clues, to atone for his crimes, so it by direct death instead of a twoyear reprieve. You know, death sentence with a reprieve, and ultimately into the life imprisonment, then released on medical parole,
become E-CIGARETTE CHINA a free man, abound. To , some truth, but, but this explanation may be too simple. for the big tiger, once the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the transfer of military courts, dead and alive, it is not important. p if with a suspended death sentence in exchange for information and evidence of corruption, then, to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, that is, to make the, and of sentenced person, also be regarded as earned. This is when the application of Platon effect in criminal problems, political problems. But , another layer of meaning of the sentence, but often ignored by people. That is, in modern society, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA human civilization progress, naked death, has no political significance, also appears to be too bloody and policymakers. an ancient crime, jiuzu collective Disposable e cigarette punishment, moreover, is a cruel death. Zhu Yuanzhang even by peeling, plug straw, did not spare none corrupt. Corruption, corruption, the system is out of the question, to those who are human corrupt, an opportunity. Extinguish Aboriginal, peeling of capital punishment, can not solve the problem, only a sound legal system, power to get effective control, officials are effective supervision, it is fundamental to avoid corruption. Xi Jinping, King