p due to urban
sewage treatment facilities construction is ineffective, the autonomous region live built hall of delay in the work of Lu and
other 39 county government leaders are warning interviews. Next, the autonomous region will implement the most stringent accountability system, to not complete the task of energysaving emission reduction, in addition to the implementation of regional environmental assessment limited number of recycling, the financial issued a special fund for the construction of the special funds, but also strictly investigate the relevant personnel responsibilities. Guangxi daily the news so bittersweet. Where is Sorrow in the wide, poor of pollution control pollution control efforts of the weak, and reflected in the concept of environmental protection from apathy. Disclosed Hot E Cig kits in the press, 2014, 70 town level sewage treatment projects, the 41 did not press the higher requirements to complete; the first half of the region’s new sewage pipe network, currently only completed 40%; plans to the end of the area of the city ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA before the end of the sludge disposal capacity, can now 7 cities are not started, the 1 cities did not project The data showed a soft unenterprising pollution scene. Where is Hi valued in the supervision, the relevant
leaders were interviewed, the next step to finish the task will be accountable! This was not the joy of pain and take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, is happy expectations. the pain of environmental pollution has been the people’s livelihood. Minds, developed countries, the development of one or two hundred years of environmental problems, in China’s decades of rapid development has been focused on visible. Ecological as the most fair social welfare, it is the
common need of social civilization and progress. The people’s pursuit of happy life is gradually from the to the from the food and clothing to look forward to environmental protection. for the Guangxi picturesque scenery, an exquisite scenery, beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan. Autonomous Region Party Secretary Peng Qinghua in the region’s eco economic work E-CIG CHINA conference pointed out, Disposable e cigarette I am in the middle of industrialization, environmental risk into the high risk period, to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, promote industrial green Mechanical Mod and RDA transformation, to promote economic growth, create green wealth, improve the green benefits, and earnestly fulfill green all things do not harm, road parallel and not contrary to. The protection of the ecological environment has become a can not go beyond the bottom line, without any sacrifice of Guanghui for gold E-CIGARETTE CHINA and silver mines are not allowed, would not forgive. Regardless of ideology or laws and regulations, both job was conscience lies, environmental protection cannot be tolerated just muddle along, bargaining. At some stage in the past, many local onesided pursuit of economic growth rate, insufficient attention to environmental protection,
now is not so, from national to local, from the law to the performance, from the leadership to the people, environmental issues are big problems, to the real comfortable, strongholds of genuine warmth, steadfast to safety, is not you despise or ignore. p to return to Autonomous Region Housing Department interviewed 39 county government leaders in a business, interviewed just a beginning, the leadership of county government was interviewed and more involved in the relevant working personnel, should from consciousness to his shoulder important responsibilities, so as to be in action to make work progress. Today.