p I is Xiong Dehou, 95 after a in the eyes of the public, the 1995 September 10, my bullpen collapse the, just I on this day was born, the bullpen collapse this, of course, is my dad later sensible I often talk overs. Whenever the ancient great day is born a good omen, the collapse of the bullpen didn’t know what that means to me. Pull away, I said where to, following serious with you talk about me to denounce the entrepreneurial life sad happy history, Buddha crossing a chance, hope can help a number of people less take some detours. I was born in a rural family in Hefei, Anhui, and a lot of my family. To go to school at that time, naughty is my biggest characteristic, no less. On the junior high school, in addition to some romances miscellaneous books, school really didn’t what interest, thank parents the majority of teachers and students agree that I didn’t save haven’t given up on me, let me read the technical secondary school. The experience of the initial bubble let me firmly choose the computer professional, this is an important turning point in my life. Before there is a lot of energy don’t know where to spend, this time seems to find out the meaning of my lif
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Red Spring Green Saddle Browne. p during secondary school, computer is my girl, eager to learn to explore everything about her, said interest is the greatest teacher, did not expect the hanging goof off the guy can also ease down learn something. One of the things I am most proud of is the spare time, from the Internet to collect free space, free secondary domain name, build a belong to my own first a static web site, although there is no background,
http://jiejixiu.com.cn/news/html/?561.html but at that moment, enough let me complacent, enjoy walking outside wind feeling. Later readily fiddle with a class website unexpectedly got a county competition first, get a certificate and 500 yuan bonus for the moment, just think No1 forever the. sometimes every success is not necessarily a good thing, graduation is approaching, together with a few students to interview a company. Among them I am accepted technique for a brother, but down in the interview of a stammer, first eliminated instead of me. I remember during the interview, I happily went in, but the interviewer has been seriously and pout, all of a sudden I panic, into the deep scepticism on their own. Play can be described as bleak. Took two days to adjust the mentality, to lay their own, the interview second time, they take a lot of time, but also do not hurry to shake the alert, to know the orderly way to say. Then get into a medical website optimization company, well, I feel that this is a cow force, I will become a cow force. later proved that the reality of the first time I had a face. The first job is to edit the site, the main content of the daily work is to re create dozens of articles, you know, is the pseudo original. So every day, began to feel dull gray eyes began to slowly no longer bright day. I began to ask myself not willing to, of course, is not willing to, but their work is just but half a year, almost no any savings, as recent fire piece ridicule so that the world is so big, I don’t have a clear immediately go and have a look. Then, after a month of Sike save enough meal, quit.

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