p if year of Everbright Securities, the socalled Oolong means opened a brokerage turn hand cloud of stock market and futures market in a corner of the words, then the E-CIGARETTE CHINA glory of the CITIC Securities eight martyrs, it can be said is brokers acted in collusion with each other, help Zhou as inferior, sold in China, on behalf of mercenary! ; p yesterday with my 10 year old children to see the first class school, the lesson is patriotic, speaking is
our National Anthem Lyrics with our flesh and blood to cast our new Great Wall, we are 40 years old man, along with the child for the first time heard the origin of the words. I know that the production of the national anthem is not made out, but in the battle to create the. E-CIG CHINA ; ; p in 1931 the Japanese occupation of the three provinces in Northeast China, has been eroded to the foot of the Great Wall, the Great Wall is against a foreign enemy barrier we all know that the Chinese people, the Great Wall fortress is known as amp; cap
ital lock and key, amp; said, Disposable e cigarette Gubeikou Hot E Cig kits become the main battleground of the great war of resistance against Japan, we the Chinese and Japanese people on the great wall were put up a desperate struggle, March 11, 1933, Japan’s attack on the Great Wall Gubeikou defense, Japanese waves of planes and heavy artillery blasted a gap in the Great Wall, we 25 division of officers and soldiers have from three sides
round, stubbornly blocked the great wall gap, even at the expense of, with their bodies to plug the gap. This patriotic feat, even as the enemy Japanese
have moved, a monument to admire! ; the Great Wall fell, Chinese with flesh and blood blocked, this is the essence ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of the Chinese nation invincible! ; p June 2015, China once again met foreign aggression, and this time is no smoke in the battlefield, this is a fight against the enemies of the financial war! ; p we Chinese stock market facing Mechanical Mod and RDA the slump and the futures market step by step limit press, the Chinese government and investors together against the common enemy and build a financial Great Wall! However, there are a number of Chinese who maintain illicit relations with foreign countries, active opens China to rescue the market, the Great Wall, for the enemy to lead the way, enemy account for, for the enemy provide intelligence, for the enemy to provide financial ammunition, provide the identity of the cover for the enemy, and together they kill Chinese investors, erode the Chinese government bailout money, they get is the Chinese government money, secretly obeyed the command of foreign devils, drink the blood of the Chinese people, eat the meat! ;
china! I love you! ; patriotism is the first lesson of our education! Children are learning, and we adults are the test! ; in the face of a patriotic test, the new era of war, our 2015 gold