p on August 13, the Supreme Court issued by the on the application problems of the people’s Republic of China Marriage Law the interpretation III formally implemented, a thin piece of real estate certificates, curse of marriage for men and women in the world of mortals. unmarried, married and not married to marry. Marry him? He didn’t intend to write my name on the property card! Marry him, accompany him together for the housing, with daily necessities and hardship, but the piece of paper no his own name, the ownership of the property has always been his, and my heart always feel at ease! not married? What is marriage feelings, perhaps feeling is not strong to you I have inseparable, not to break the flesh with mud and a you, pinch a degree of me, after all is ready to coexist under a roof over the life of the people, how to a thin piece of paper,? It is thinner than paper? married, arguing between writing and writing. Write her name? Groundless, premarital parents take a lifetime pension money for their children, married daughterinlaw not a penny shoufu. If the mar
Mens Lebron James Soldier 6 White Black Blueriage has changed, I don’t have parents hard people half? not to write her name, although into the door, the day of the little wife feel too much! Her son to buy a house, do not have their own! So, in the future pension, illness and funeral, what have I to do with? Husband before marriage to buy a house, Shoufu is his, for real I also contribute to, and mix together daily
http://mechrmail.cn/news/html/?2480.html necessities of the day, simply do not know what is he paid and what I! However, it is a real estate license above, clearly, marriage law new interpretation of the provisions of the marriage mortgage to buy a house before the divorce. Simply, some married daughterinlaw simply do not worry baby, in accordance with the new provisions on marriage law, real estate license without the woman’s name, if marriage is what variables, real estate owned by the man, the woman even for children raised in confidence are not! This child, do not worry or students, and the performance of the husband! Otherwise, if the divorce, instead of a place to live in, even her child lost! new interpretation of the marriage law, the ownership of the premarital property is clear, is tantamount to the thousands of piles in 70, 80 after marriage, buried under huge thunder! If the couple can not face this new explanation, family conflicts are likely to escalate, huge thunder at any time there is likely to be a quiet and beautiful family life deep fried! exaggeration? p marriage has always been boarding life, two the no blood relationship, for a paper Hunshu bundle live together. This relationship sometimes surpasses the blood. Regardless of the honor, the spouse must be the first person to bear or share. Moreover, the property relationship derived from marriage, in real life, the spouse is a close relationship between people. If the property belongs to the pre marital property, it is necessary to divide the salary, bonuses, and the variety of tangible intangible benefits that are given by the employer.

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