p recently, hot cool game revealed that following the ChinaJoy last year after the release of product, this year heat cool games will to up to more than 10 kinds of product lineup blockbuster debut B2B hall, including highquality travel products have already been issued, and the upcoming global offering a variety of travelogue. Whether it is the number of products or contracted overseas distribution area, hot and cool games this year, the investment will exceed the previous year. in the eve of ChinaJoy, hot cool game is still the headquarters held hot cool Japanese pilot, and new global issue signing ceremony, first’s products, Chinese name pilfer dream hero, the Japanese name division of the gardens, the University of page? DoCoMo, Kara and overseas results were officially released, and with the Shanghai Yin cool network Co., Ltd. and wonders of Beijing Times Technology Co., Ltd. officially reached overseas strategic cooperation and achieve Yin cool network’s dark moves in the travel demon European distribution rights and magic time published in Japan in, for the second half of the yea
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Black Redr to next year’s overseas market issue to do the adequate reserves. product distribution full force to expand the highend market p last year, hot cool games overseas strategy results show, focusing on layout of Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Asia market, successfully issued daily dark light, king of the strongest, fervent in a variety
http://www.zgzmc.com/news/html/?561879.html of heavy hand travel products this year, hot cool games on the base of the Asian market, comprehensive deep in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and many highend mobile gaming market and achieve substantive progress. Recently, the Japanese authority game media SocialGameInfo announced that the FantasyDrive iOS and GooglePlay two TOP50, ranked fortyfourth in the iOS game, free list third and GooglePlay fortythird, a Chinese hand travel in Japan’s best results. Figure 1: p the other according to Liu Yong said, at present the division of support, the University of page? DoCoMo, Kara and monthly water in monthly about 300400 million dollars $18002400 million yuan, a single product has formed a relatively stable income. As products in the Japanese market depth distribution, the future is expected to achieve higher income. p in addition to the FantasyDrive, league pocket, milk Star Music, a group of high quality mobile games, hot cool games in 2015CJ will focus on published the World War II brothers even, demon, magic time plan in the second half of the year in North America, Europe and Japan the main line of new products. According to hot cool game CEO Liu Yong revealed that this year’s hot cool overseas product reserves doubled last year, the second half of the hot cool will continue to focus on overseas strategic market, accelerate the pace of the product, while improving the ability to issue and service overseas, the global issue of next year.

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