p strong guests to the Masan, Masan to Pingguo highway traffic br building integration of management and maintenance create a green road to become Guiliu direction to Nanning in many parts of the second channel On August 22 Nanning News Network Nanning evening news reporter correspondent Wang Zhipeng Tan Fei Wei Songhao, the Autonomous Region Department of transportation transfer news, guests to the Masan, Masan to Pingguo highway plan at the end of this year completed and open to traffic. Project closely around the building to create a typical demonstration project financing cooperation projects, the specific objectives, adhere to a high starting point ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA planning, high standards, combined with the construction of integrated management and user priority work objectives, the project will be green, cultural landscape construction comprehensive integration project along the natural environment. p according to reports, the guests to the Masan, Masan to Pingguo expressway is an important part of Guangxi highway network layout four horizontal Cangwu to long state highway, two main projects were by twoway four lane Expressway standard roadbed width of 26 meters, asphalt mixing concrete pavement, the design speed of 100 km. Projects started construction in August 2012, plans to open to traffic in December 2015. Among them, Ma Shan to Pingguo highway main line 82.5 km, 23.5 km connecting Hot E Cig kits line.
projects in the construction of green projects, the change of the green belt of 20 kilometers of a change, the selection of plants suitable for the use of regional greening tree species. Fill and excavation slope are used planting evergreen shrubs and slope gushing hybrid seeds of greening, rocky slope is supplemented by vine covered slope. In addition, the
exchange of green plants in the
choice of local tree species, as far as possible Mechanical Mod and RDA to distinguish between E-CIG CHINA the plant groups to distinguish each grade, to enhance the degree of recognition. The tunnel entrance on both sides of the slope excavation slope to basin, grass, broken down can be planted shrubs. In the Disposable e cigarette embankment section, the tall evergreen trees are planted in order to form barrier, and the construction of the abandoned soil field, as far as possible to take up farmland,
less damage to the original ecological vegetation, to prevent soil erosion. p to the next stage, the project Department of command to strengthen leadership, increase investment, pay attention to facilities and landscaping combine, prominent local features to achieve the completion of stylish, a year become beauty, two years into king, three quarters of flowering, the four seasons evergreen goals and of the car on the way to go, man in the middle reaches of the painting the green landscape effect, and strive to build to Ma, Ma Ping Lu become safe, high quality, low carbon innovation and ecological culture of E-CIGARETTE CHINA the highway. it is understood that during the holidays, Springs South High Speed Six interchange to Nanning toll station will appear more or less congestion. To horses, Maping Expressway opened to traffic, will become the direction of Guiliu to Nanning, Hechi, Baise, Chongzuo, in a plurality of directions of the second channel, the owner can take this channel smoothly to avoid three bank charges station to Hing six interchange between the most blocking high speed. When the vehicle can be directly from the guest to enter to
Ma highspeed, arrived at Masan went to Nanning, Chongzuo or Hechi, also can continue to move forward to reach Pingguo to Baise.