p today millet autumn new product release conference is still a standup Lei, let me have always been curious about, the conference seems particularly stressed the autumn, it can not help but let me think of the overheating, don’t Lei in consciously correct the understanding for the summer? No opening act, after simply said Clifford to Tianjin events, Lei Jun began to MIUI7 design exposition. Despite the Lei breath a lot of MIUI7 highlights, but in my mind is always thinking a strange question: if there is no millet will happen? Domestic mobile phone ring is what kind of situation? Android user interaction experience may not get so much improved p Ann Zhuo system of excellent no doubt, but the early Android interface did not fit the use, especially just contact smart phone users, is simply the guards and even the basic dialup phone calls have become a problem. So in such a situation, the Android camp was born a number of thirdparty ROM, like the CM system, Le frog, snacks and so on and, later, the Internet giant Alibaba and Tencent also launched a Ali cloud OS and T
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Whiteencent Tita MIUI is from this wave of thirdparty ROM enthusiasm come to the fore. MIUI is the most core of millet products, priority even on Millet phone, because the economy is built on the basis of millet MIUI, MIUI is the interface is beautiful, easy to use, excellent interactive experience to bring a high degree of loyalty to millet, and more important is the success of millet in the
http://wangboss.net/news/html/?425.html MIUI, only to trigger the domestic mobile phone manufacturers attach importance to the system UI. if there is no MIUI millet, we might also use the vast majority of people are still in the original system or third party ROM, Android system user experience will be severely fragmented, the user’s mobile phone brand recognition in the camp will not be so high. Of course not to mention now socalled fans economy, commercial ecosystem, because I think the most hardware vendors not to precipitate the user consciousness, just simply do the sale of a hammer, a cell phone to earn profits for a cell phone, in addition, vendors and users no any relation. Today, MIUI’s success, let Yuzuo phone first ROM become standard in the industry, also contributed to the mobile phone ring was born out of such as flyme, emui, hammer OS and other excellent ROM. smart phone prices may not be the highest 1999, 999, 799, these three figures of millet has special significance, and cheap to replace the high price become the slogan of the millet new national products movement. When talking about the reasons for the success of millet, whether it is a fan of the economy, social marketing, or experiential marketing, in fact, the final analysis or millet to seize the smart phone development trends, with a high cost of products and Internet marketing thinking to seize the favorable position of the market, and to MIUI, millet mobile phone as the representative of the product to achieve the user precipitation. I am so clear.

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