p with the support of the and the rise of national policy, the various chiefs have layout of agricultural business, agricultural electricity providers are stepping into the golden period of rapid development. Recently, always to 3C, home, day one hundred good Jingdong also formally launched the a agricultural channel, said it hoped to solve the three rural problems out of the force, do a real national enterprises. Thus, agricultural business formally into the crowded time, agricultural electricity supplier of the new market also began to become the focus of more people to pay attention to. p insiders expect agricultural market size of more than one trillion yuan, who can become the boss who will get 10 times more room for growth, the coveted. Expected 2016 total market is expected to exceed 4600 billion yuan, agricultural electricity providers will enter a period of rapid development, so pretty a girl no wonder everyone regardless of the consequences. But even so, the development of agricultural business road still exist many problems and obstacles to be clean, even if Jingdong electronic business platform again cow force, inevitable in the short term will encounter a lot of problems. p specifically, the following questions are all agricultural electricity pr
Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes Black Whiteoviders must be solved: traditional farmers credit habits seriously inconsistent with the business model, how to develop online shopping habits of the farmers; electric business and traditional channels exist conflicts of interest; rural logistics distribution system behind the increased the difficulty of business; agricultural products technical services and aftersales problems guarantees that. Faced with these problems, Jingdong agricultural electricity supplier put forward his own solution, might as well come to analysis, the reality is like Jingdong described so beautiful.
http://www.magstime.cn/news/html/?11675.html 1 , as do 3C do agricultural . like other products, Jingdong do agricultural control is still the most emphasis on product quality. From the supplier to the product supplier to build electricity supplier platform and open cooperation, to the final distribution logistics are all control, as a whole industrial chain. And Taobao agricultural means of production, a mu Tian, Da Ta etc. of similar agricultural electricity providers can do platform, no way to achieve control of a whole industry chain, which is Jingdong declared the agricultural business the biggest difference lies. So, the problem of agricultural means of production, especially the seed, as a means of production, apparently requirements for professional degree will more high, the link is not controllable factors will more such as moldy seeds, east of Beijing as a layman can completely hold up Jingdong believes that the way it takes its own way to solve the problem to a large extent. It is understood, at present Jingdong seed is hundred percent do self, all products has been done in the barn, also support businesses with Jingdong together to do collaborative warehouse model. For pesticides and fertilizers, Jingdong is currently exploring, in the form of platform to ensure that, but the end of this year, the end of the year plan to implement chemical fertilizer and pesticide varieties, and gradually realize the self, and thus to the greatest extent to protect the products are traceable, traceability. p open cooperation, Jingdong said will in various wellknown in the agricultural product brand cooperation, assigned to the form to enter the Jingdong agricultural business platform. It is understood that Jingdong has been in the lead with China compound fertilizer

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