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introduction: each stage of to raise equity investments in public may have some problems

introduction: each stage of to raise equity investments in public may have some problems, the market parties should face up to these problems, explore solutions. Abstract: the SFC that research about equity crowdfunding rules, the legitimacy problem will solve all raise equity. The controversial West master Rouga Mo equity crowdfunding indicates that, problems to be solved next is the risk investor equity crowdfunding in how to control. Each stage to raise equity investments in public may have some problems, the market parties should face up to these problems, explore solutions. , equity crowdfunding risk crowdfunding, as the name suggests, to raise money for a cause they. Crowdfunding is a product of the Internet, the dissemination of information through the Internet, to raise a small amount of money, it can greatly reduce transaction costs; crowdfunding also make investors and fund demand side contacted directly, save as a financial institution, the man in the middle of the investment mechanism. all the chips are generally four forms: 1 the raise donations, this way of capital returns investors without any requirements. Some free software, open source software will have a donation donate link, it should be the Internet earlier donation crowdfunding; and all believers to the temple incense to donate money, may have been a man in the history of the oldest donation crowdfunding. 2 product crowdfunding, investors’ investment is to obtain the value of products goods or services, rather than financial returns. Now very common products crowdfunding include: Hardware crowdfunding development of intelligent products, film crowdfunding cinema tickets, Coffee Museum crowdfunding membership card spending. 3 loan crowdfunding, investors can acquire fixed interest income, after the expiration of also can recover the principal. Part of the P2P loan pattern is typical of borrowing crowdfunding. 4 equity crowdfunding Equity Crowdfunding. Investors receive some equity, and want to share as the carrier to obtain the corresponding return on investment. Equity crowdfunding is more complicated than other forms of all the chips. equity crowdfunding, is all to raise funds to invest in one company, to obtain a certain degree of equity, as shareholder return on the investment. Companies listed on the IPO, it is actually a kind of equity crowdfunding, but a higher threshold, more investors, market more open, relates to the larger capital amount, therefore also subject to more stringent regulation. Say now equity crowdfunding, mainly refers to the investment to the nonlisted company, in practice often focus on startups, innovation of enterprise. if the equity public financing and investment is a startup, the innovation of the enterprise, especially the kind of high risk, high return investment risk often pay close attention to enterprises, investors may have to recognize this kind of enterprise: probability of failure is very high, investors may not be able to recover the investment. Investors must be very cautious judgment, whether the investment has been beyond the scope of his own to withstand losses. USA before the commission chief auditor Lynn Turner in the evaluation unit

Putian and Baidu tearing force

Putian and Baidu tearing force, continued, and even intensified the trend. In April 4th, Putian Health Industry Association announced by all the participants, a secret ballot of all the members of the unit to form a resolution: at 0:00 on April 5, 2015 to suspend cooperation with the promotion of the Baidu in bidding. for the Department of Putian group attack, Baidu did not retreat, but a strong response: Baidu against false medical determined not to change, the high threshold, strict audit is Baidu promotion longterm mechanism, we not because of Baotuan resist and relax requirements, but will not cooperate with any substandard private hospital. Although subsequent to this matter, it also can make nothing of it, but to date of Putian and Baidu tear forced to battle, but there are three problems worthy of our consideration and discussion. See these problems, the future if revenue value and brand value, commercial value and social value, and even money and religious conflict, we should be how to choose. Why Putian to boycott the Baidu? for this problem, on the 4 day of the announcement, the Department of Putian did not give a clear statement, the only relevant sentence is: the new normal private medical industry into a more rational development, to marketing as the leading model has been unable to adapt to the current development of the industry. Putian is emphasized, the future to explore a standardized, transparent, the brand of the industry development of new roads, even to explore new road will not resist Baidu ah? Analysis of soil demon, behind this may be many reasons. first of all is the price. Network transmission Putian Department of the hospital in Baidu search promotion, each single clicks can reach 999 yuan. Want to say to each other between the malignant competition in Putian, continue to raise the cost of the search engine promotion, I believe. Because of a little understanding of the Department of Putian people know, selected hospitals, doctor, Department, advertising department of Putian is able to rise rapidly, four carriage with a force of 80% private hospitals quickly occupied the country. But to say that a click is higher to a thousand dollars or so, don’t believe the earth demon. simple count an account will be able to know, there is a Putian Department of hyperbole Bo sympathy in there. Although the transformation of search engine than brand advertising, advertising alliance is more effective, but the conversion rate is about 120. If according to the proportion of Hospital Department of Putian, to attract a new patients in hospital costs up to 20000 yuan. After the service marketing, medicine, instruments, fixed assets, taxes and other costs, the hospital at least to receive $forty thousand or fifty thousand from a patient’s body, in order to maintain high profits of private hospital. However, the average each patient will grab big tens of thousands of dollars, at present our country public revenue, is obviously not realistic. however, ten thousand steps back, even if a click on the cost of nearly a thousand dollars is true, also cannot have the abnormal results simply boils down to Baidu body, in the final analysis is still in Putian, in order to

lead: Carlyle as beauty years big health A round of investment square

lead: Carlyle as beauty years big health A round of investment square. This is the second love Kang Ambassador announced in April this year, nearly $100000000 after the injection, China health management industry and a reach the largescale financing. In September 2nd 2013, the Chinese medical and health services group the United States year health limited, announced investment group, Ping An insurance, China Kai Hui French fund three joint strategic investment, a total of 300000000 yuan. Among them, . This is the second announced in April this year, nearly $100000000 capital injection, China health management industry and a reach the largescale financing. In October 2011, beautiful years big health group by the United States health industry limited company hereinafter referred to as: Center for health and technology of Health Management Company Limited hereinafter referred to as: Health merged. currently, Chinese health examination industry formed in beauty years big health, Ciming checkup, love Kang Ambassador represented a situation of tripartite confrontation trend. Up to now, in the United States of health in China has more than 100 medical centers and medical center, headquarters is located in Shanghai, the staff of nearly 10000, service areas covering the basic firstline, second tier cities in china. This financing, except under medical center network to further expand the flag, will focus on seeking in the soft power level breakthrough, strengthen the service difference in user experience and medical quality improvement based on the implementation of health, large scale and brand, platform strategy in the United states. according to the board of directors general manager Feng Junyuan introduction, the reason why investment in U.S. year health, in addition to settle on the team, but also because beauty years large scale health have obvious advantages, which have great help to build the health examination platform. According to the years Health Group Chairman Yu Rong introduction, beauty year healthy revenue and profit each year to maintain more than 50% or even 100% of the growth, the future is committed in the China health industry Baidu. The scale platform and professional service is our core They promised to complete the construction of 200 medical center before 2015, achieve 10000 person time examination objectives, and listed on the main board. the Carlyle Group in Chinese investment enterprises include: carry Cheng, Pacific Insurance, Yashi Li, Focus Media, 7 Days Inn etc They are optimistic about the Chinese preventive health care sector growth potential, the investment in the former three major business areas include medical and health care. Kai Hui Sino French fund as beautiful year health strategic partners, will help us years to achieve docking with the European health medical service resources, provide the overseas medical service for the highend customers, at the same time the European front diagnosis technology, the concept of health management, medical service, through the United States year health coverage across the platform. Services in the Chinese market. Ping An Trust has been paying attention to the development of medical and health fields, is the domestic establishment of the earliest professional health insurance company, has investment in the fields of medical, hospital, medicine, medicine, health management network network. Safe investment, will be in the group control mode, information system construction, budget management, comprehensive financial services

Introduction: after a fierce fight for more than 3 months

Introduction: after a fierce fight for more than 3 months, China Mobile 650000000 yuan TD terminal special incentive funds were finally carve up. Yesterday, China Mobile signed an agreement with the 12 mobile phone and chip manufacturers, including ZTE, Dopod, Yulong Coolpad, Samsung, , LG after a fierce fight for more than 3 months, 650000000 yuan was finally carve up. yesterday, China Mobile signed an agreement with the 12 mobile phone and chip manufacturers, including 9 home, Dopod, Yulong Coolpad, Samsung, LG, Motorola, new postcom, Hisense and Huawei and other mobile phone enterprises, otherwise TD chip companies combined core technology, and T3G Technology T3G. TD incentive funds is China Mobile in the development plan in February this year proposed an incentive TD terminal business, by China Mobile and took out a $650000000 of its own funds, to invest in TD terminal enterprises. According to China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou said, the development of support object is of special significance for the terminal and the chip manufacturer of global TD. the ministry undersecretary Lou Qinjian pointed out that, as of May 4th, the TD user entire network has reached 830000, TD development has entered the fast lane. but Wang Jianzhou also pointed out that, although the network continues to improve, but overall is still very lack of mobile phone, China Mobile must through such a joint research and development of the way to promote the industry chain development, the operators on how to promote the development of the terminal is a good try. according to China Mobile, the China Mobile will invest 600000000 yuan, at the same time driven investment cooperation manufacturers, a total of more than 1200000000 yuan will be injected into the fund for research and development of TD terminal industry chain. China Mobile’s TD terminal special incentive funds including a total of 2 specific projects, respectively is the flagship broadband Internet mobile phone and low price. Among them, there are 6 flagship broadband Internet mobile phone project, investment 310000000 yuan, there are 5 lowcost 3G mobile phone project, the investment is 290000000 yuan. because it is the global financial crisis, any direct financial assistance to the significance of the enterprise are very obvious. Some international manufacturers have Wang Jianzhou said. According to one terminal enterprises to participate in the election of Mister revealed, mobile received a total of more than 150 enterprises registration and application. China Mobile’s goal is to have 36 TD flagship broadband Internet mobile phone before the end of 2009, and the 5 prices in 1000 yuan of the following low price of TD mobile phone. In addition, China Mobile will also launch included the terminal sales subsidies, the depth of cooperation and other measures, and comprehensively promote the development of TD industry. in the terminal subsidies, China Mobile has clear progress. According to ZTE’s TD product line general manager Luo Zhongsheng introduced, ZTE’s first ultra low cost TD mobile phone has been shortlisted for the China Mobile the first batch of TD depth of customization. Understand according to the reporter, the first batch of a total of 3 depth of customized mobile phone, in addition to ZTE, the other two from Samsung and LG.

lead: cock wire poineering road is very long and embarked on the unwilling to give up so easily

lead: cock wire poineering road is very long and embarked on the unwilling to give up so easily. Freeze to death starve feet soft, not bow, I was an entrepreneur, I am very proud of. I am also a gigantic loser, I am very proud of. bright moon in the sky, night dead quiet. Lit a cigarette, silently sink deeply. Recall that a few days ago a small pan mentioned those boundaries in the circle of friends, at this moment think I had be personally on the scene. As a grass root, if not to start a business, not to mention counterattack, even rolled straight opportunities are slim. From the first day to do personal webmaster to do now, micro letter poineering project, the dream that the Internet is close to eight years. When I have only a dream, do anything close to a dream, so the Tao, wisdom, faith, benevolence and courage, strict five words will become their own business motto. In the face of the reality of the market, any dream or motto appears cannot withstand a single blow, demons are always making trouble constantly, the temptation to do some unconscionable things on your own. Entrepreneurs can have their own dark side, but also have to have. Helpless and refuses to accept, I just don’t want to wear a mask, make dirty your ass. But it is more difficult than ever, because I get to see second days of sunshine. WeChat business for three months, experienced website be peer attacks, training data is copied by the client peer, planning scheme to defraud, more incomprehensible and even business ation counterparts are too lazy to write, pretend to customers find me. When the dawn comes, you don’t know what the hell happened at night. The team set up early is not easy, some cock wire dwelling house, hungry to cook some noodles pouring soy sauce is a meal, wake up to open the laptop on the bed to study and work, tired and lay down to have a rest. Before doing a result not hype, but because the start and resource issues, often accompanied by their own sense of having a heart but no strength. In the face of market chaos, a station to be fair, he showed me the young is not sensible, resulting in a personal blog attacks has yet to recover. micro letter from a rise, the Sagittarius rushed forward to seize the market killed red eye, a pair of gray industrial chain formed rapidly. Benefit price training, deified marketing software, chaos generation operation, factional disputes, the skies, the enterprise once again become the meat on the chopping block, micro Bo era shaves, micro letter era and then shaves. Sometimes see some small business because the survival environment is difficult, to looking for marketing way, and also to pay a lot of tuition. The same is in business, or my tree was born in the Internet grassroots too idealistic, so he can not understand, why some people by their own advantages, to hang some do not understand the hungry. ‘s money, whether the two sides a winwin situation, some people agree, also some people do not agree. May chose to do poineering work, can not be too naive, you have to eat the belly to store enough food, or one day oneself also will become the hungry. those who hang inspirational manifesto banners, wonderful case stunning one staged training site, are you

Introduction: sponsored by the Magazine 2009 business conference and annual awards ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Le Grand Large Hotel in December 8th

Introduction: sponsored by the Magazine 2009 business conference and annual awards ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Le Grand Large Hotel in December 8th. The following is the magazine executive publisher Ren Jian presided over the dialogue of angel investment: angel or devil concert sponsored by the real Magazine 2009 business conference and annual awards ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Le Grand Large Hotel in December 8th. The following is the magazine executive publisher Ren Jian presided over the dialogue Angel: angel or devil track record. Ren Jian Zhang: Thank you very much for us to do good speech this morning, as many investors or entrepreneurs, or, they should re grow some talking about Chinese angel investment groups, following a session, we have invited us magazine editor in chief Li Na and Mr. Mr. Mr. angel investors, and to explore together China angel investment groups. magazine editor in chief Li Na Li Na: hello! I was the business editor Li Na, just heard Zhang’s speech has a particularly profound, is a lot of entrepreneurial team can often not be willing to, I would like to ask everyone here, Is it right? Really so? graph search for Goku, CEO spoke at the founder of dialogue angel investment concert in. : find angel investors an important responsibility, in addition to outside investment enterprises, enterprise extra help, light put up the money to the growth of enterprises is still insufficient, I mean the angel investment refers to the investment amount is less, from hundreds of thousands of yuan to RMB 3 million, after angel investors will play a role relatively large, because it will stand in the investor’s perspective to analysis of entrepreneurial businesses, for the future VC investors a clear observation of a judge, at this point is a function of cohesion, so I listen to many VC friends say, they say very welcome to angel investors to do, is equal to is to help them do the first round selection. map as the founding partner of Wang Hua in dialogue angel investment concert in speech. Wang Hua: in this piece of innovation works is not the same, on our side is more consistent, I generally is quite agree, because of its early projects are incomplete, angel investment like do a dish like, angel investor to enterprise intervention very much, even some of the angels investors like venture partner, some problems sometimes occurs later, I think it is in the enterprise growth stage, sometimes an angel investor in it begins to play a role, but because many investors itself is entrepreneur, has strong sense of business, in the early have feelings, so in the desalination process, possible or after investors maintain a more active role, so often occur some problems, so the angel investor role transformation is very important.

lead: enterprises should be WeChat as according to the brand

lead: enterprises should be WeChat as according to the brand, to attract more people become concerned about your ordinary fans, and then through the content and communication will be the ordinary fans into loyal fans WeChat fire after WeChat marketing began to heat up, but drift bottles, the people nearby function is more suitable for individual social networking, for the enterprise marketing is only tooth. The launch of WeChat public platform, just let WeChat marketing value gradually, so WeChat public platform has become the enterprise marketing the most important platform WeChat. during a recent period of time, a lot of friends through different channels WeChat public account inquiry, how should operate? WeChat public account operations which are the fundamental principles and rules? Now combines WeChat public account operation experience of Xinqiao public relations for more than ten months, do a systematic carding, tentative study with you, also as a unified queries to these friends reply. first, talk about WeChat marketing logic. does not recommend enterprises will WeChat as a sales platform, is now no shortage of channel, it is easy to open a shop. The enterprise lacks is the brand, is the lack of trust, if the user does not accept your brand, do not trust you, your sales will annoy users. enterprise should be WeChat as according to the brand, to attract more people become concerned about your ordinary fans, then the ordinary fans into loyal fans through the content and communication, when fans recognized brand, build trust, he will be your customer. There is a wellknown fish ponds theory of marketing, specific content, you can go to ask Baidu, will not go into details here. WeChat public platform relative to the fish pond. these are WeChat marketing logic. next, talk about WeChat public account operations which are the fundamental principles and rules. Combined with practical experiences, we summarize 8. The content of 1, location: content is king Localization of content should be combined with the characteristics of the enterprise, at the same time from the user’s perspective to consider, not blindly only push the enterprise own content, remember WeChat not for business services, but services for users, users only get something from WeChat you, they will add more loyal to you, and you become friends, then sales will behoove. remember, the user is directed at your content to come, because I think the content recommendation is valuable, so the content is king. for WeChat content, we have a 1X model, 1 is the best embodiment of account the core value of the content, X represents the diversity of content, to meet and satisfy the demand of users, enhance the content of attraction. WeChat such as our operation evermore Office of the public, which is a office product as the theme of the WeChat public, core content is Offi

Chen: checking the crisis 3 years

Chen: checking the crisis 3 years, income from 0 to 6000000000, and together the United States experienced a small horse cart excitement and concussion. Wen Zhai Wenting, photography Alexvi if there is one day together the United States and the company collapsed, how would you analyze this fiasco? Chen ou I have countless imagine our ending. A lot of people will share together the United States failed cases, later warned express volumes, this is a silly X entrepreneur, work, every day on television. can’t deny, compared to most entrepreneurs, Chen Europe and US fate linked more closely. But if Chen Europe sitting on a pile of entrepreneurs, you’ll find out he compared with the surrounding people not so pure. He is an entrepreneur, but more like a star. the star entrepreneur, first he win the customers favor and earn sales means, low cost and be evervictorious in one’s forward march. If you’ve ever seen Chen Ou in outdoor advertising column and Han Geng planes side by side of the scene, the aura is no worse than the real star. Yes, a returnee, handsome appearance, wunderkind, do a help thousands of women beauty business, very easy to let the user trust. in the course of time, the trust becomes a bondage. People know, almost all know Chen ou person. Poly beauty Chen Chen Ou ou, namely poly beauty. Both sides of the coin is gradually exposed . Chen Europe putting yourself at the center of the stage win the eye at the same time, also be equal to their wear a pair of can not break the shackles. Poly us do well, he is a good student that on stage, the audience applause; there are problems together the United States, the most easy to find he is the object of people. He can not make mistakes, because users have high expectations for him, his every act and every move is likely to directly onto poly beauty body, whether good or bad. You just smell my perfume, but didn’t see my sweat. Chen said he actually does not care about fame, what he needs is the success of the company. And he is better than everyone else understand, even fame again big, once together the United States and the company collapsed, his failure failure effect of unknown to the public more than. In March this year, a three anniversary celebration with poly beautiful name to hold largescale promotional activities, because downtime, explosion etc. this contradiction to the vertex problem. Advertising has always been to Kyo together the United States, the last in the face of crisis unable to PR, Chen Europe was again to the trial table. He has expressed to the outside world too much about Chen Europe and poly beautiful story, but everyone seems to be more and more do not know the real Chen ou what. Waterloo 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 On March 1st before dawn zero time, Jumei Youpin office, all the people in the loud countdown three anniversary celebration. Chen and his people, but also with you all in the countdown, a scene boiling. Poly us in the name of the three year anniversary of the day were in price promotions, code named 301.