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Introduction: in September this year

Introduction: in September this year, the fire music technology introduced intelligent equipment nut G1. This is a nut device, in the trademark is naturally out of the question, whether it is a perishing before victory case? 2014 years of the last period, originally wanted to shoot a period summary Si chat, or take something special, but see think chat only nineteen period, don’t take this idea down. don’t forget the conscience, this product is to give some entrepreneurs a heads up, also can give you a little knowledge popularization of trademark, slowly also stick to the present. Thank you very much for your support, we will continue to bring forth the new through the old thinking talk, try to meet everyone’s taste. Here at , thinks to wish you all a happy New Year! click on the video playback! please watch this video, WiFi environment in the local tyrants see free light to make the world brand, think about your problems, I know the fruit Liu Sisi. welcome to this issue of Si chat, we going to talk about today is the brand nuts. now, intelligent technology is a popular vocabulary. It from the mobile phone and computer fields, slowly into everyone’s family. From smart dressed in smart furniture field, no reformist figure. in September this year, the fire music technology introduced intelligent equipment nuts G1, also let people see the great progress in industrial design in china. Do not say first how software support, just look at this hardware appearance, absolutely can arouse people’s desire to buy two hundred percent. however, this a nut device, in the trademark is naturally out of the question, whether it is a perishing before victory in the case, then we will have a good look at the fire music technology of the registered trademark. in 2011 January, music technology fire Shenzhen City Development Co. Ltd. was founded and registered. but it was not until 2012 December, fire Music Technology in only 9 projective device, apply for the registration of a trademark in english. The first registration of a trademark, the company established its distance across nearly two years. in 2013 July, the 9 in the class of projection equipment, apply for registration of the Fire Music trademarks. Hold a large half an year, finally in trademark registration, dilly dally and a small step forward. by 2014, the entire intelligent hardware industry has entered a rapid development period, the fire technology have also launched their own intelligent home theater equipment nuts G1 in September. this time fire music and no procrastination, the same period in 7 kinds of cleaning equipment, 9 types of projective instruments, 28 kinds of sports equipment in the application for registration of nuts Chinese characters and nut, a total of six trademark. So far, the registered trademark pace temporarily come to an end, let us carefully analyse.

drops and quick burn war to delay for a long time the merger ended

drops and quick burn war to delay for a long time the merger ended, from free to subsidies, China users compete for means to a new height. However, this is not the end of travel dispute, but intensified in 2015: Baidu today announced the official investment vehicles every day, this is a carpool to work for the scene of the car software. A few days ago Baidu also invested with 51 car carpool software. But before this, the strategic Baidu also invested in car software originator UBER and cooperation, with the cast of the easy to user C wheel. So far, Baidu has four car service. travel war upgrade: from the taxi to the car to ride UBER has been declared himself a travel solutions for the company. This idea is also suitable for the China Internet giants on the car race: Taxi software battle drops fast is just the beginning, the fact that the taxi software is just a way to travel to the other platform, they all want to do travel solutions. With drops fast business has been transferred to the car business, drops car and car is to expand the market, the taxi software market because fewer subsidies, the driver side and user side has been significantly affected. car business in Chinese progress is not smooth, the biggest obstacle is vested interest, the taxi industry monopoly can not indulge Internet software to subvert them. So, car drivers were ticketed similar news often found in newspapers, but this does not hinder the operation of the vehicle to have the legal qualifications of parttime or fulltime drivers team, even the taxi drivers to switch to the car, coming stormin, car war continues. car ride, acquaintances, business and community based on social relationships, with a shallow layer of trust relationship, passengers and drivers with less risk of each other. At the same time, because of the special passengers scene, encounter less resistance, for example, is not easy to be identified as illegal operation of vehicles. Also, it is in line with the Chinese habits: the roadside waving a habit not, colleagues and neighbors and acquaintances carpool habit has been there. In short, and the existence of carpooling business as an important way to travel. This may explain why the 51 car, and every car in the second half of 2014 will have to get before the establishment of the wellknown VC Lei Jun, and Baidu investment. apart from the taxi, car and downwind car these three categories of travel mode, there is a class of car drivers only rent the car rental market also in combination with the depth of the Internet, including Internet car rental and P2P. There is a business oriented Internet car service. The end of a taxi software battle, is the war really started the car. Second season: travel war battlefield for the leading role in travel first quarter of war and not to travel alone, but in order to promote mobile payment. Although after the taxi with taxi App can improve the operation efficiency.

Introduction: face adorable recently fire

Introduction: face adorable recently fire, Guo column about his two period of both acid and wonderful pioneering story: your heart is the most understand you, when you keep time do down, God will not ill treat you. face adorable recently fire, after 90 in the entrepreneurial field also fire. From May 30th to June 2nd, downloads face adorable four days for 119.3W. But the founders Guo column was born in 89 years, while his team is composed of 9 after 90. Guo Lie said, at present, it has obtained IDG hundreds million yuan investment, is looking for a second round of financing. such a young team, growth can be a lot of stumbling. Not long ago, in the IDG School of business competition and entrepreneurial state held together the presentation Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Guo column about his two period of both acid and wonderful pioneering story: your heart is the most understand you, when you keep time do down, God will not ill treat you. Guo column is graduated in 2011, just three years after graduation. In reading, he is not a good student, it is a typical bad boy. He said, in high school, in order to pursue the cool, poor learning, make five female friends; also speaks the elder brother loyalty, has since been given a detention. But at home and not so hard on him, touched by the Guo column in order to repay family, from the efforts of science Curve Wrecker slag turning into, to the university entrance exam first achievement was admitted to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology. served as the monitor in the University’s Guo column, we are not interested in their profession, but students and very close relationship, so he began to look for what they like to do. In a challenge cup match in entrepreneurial senior experience under the excitation of columns, Guo also went to a business competition. The business competition is the public welfare, participants were asked to help people in need of help, help them earn money, through this competition to improve their ability of entrepreneurship. in order to Huyou join in, Guo column everywhere posted fliers, got his first small partners in a booth. With the addition of people is increasing gradually, they in the small partners a studio take home, start flag hanging on the wall, Guo column where off heel tell you things, also had thought what illegal organization of small partners mother to frighten not light. their this venture lasted for more than a year, Guo column said: absolutely no imagination in so easily, at two o’clock in the evening sleep when most hard after lights out, borrow classmate notebook computer work two hours, got up at six in the morning. When there is a lot of bitterness, the most bitter for a period of time a person I toss at McDonald’s, I give small partners to call, say too bitter, at the time that this could have insisted on not down. But, if you give up, I have no face to see them, put them in do not flicker, humiliating, on the teeth and do down. Finally they reached the finals to Chengdu, participate in the competition, they and another team, scoring the same, when the last TCL executives

Introduction: MAC CRM this round of $4000000 for the A round of investment

Introduction: MAC CRM this round of $4000000 for the A round of investment, is currently one of the Saas field of A wheel financing the highest amount of real enterprise. In 2014 middot; Next special talent showing itself Chinese innovation; enterprise Mai CRM recently revealed to the business, has won a $4000000 A wheel financing. Mike CRM flagship form do information collection and contact management, according to founder Li Hui introduced, this round of funding will be used mainly for the comprehensive upgrading of version two products. Mike CRM also became the first domestic response VC community initiatives and actions announced the real financing amount disclosed the true financing Venture Company. took part in China game innovation, millions of Yuan Mai CRM soon gained, and selected the top 100 enterprises in the business by the end of 2014. Mai in 2013 CRM launched in September, is a lightweight information collection and contact management tools, in the re definition of information collection work. The form function of zero cost to create a custom information collection form to let the user, support questionnaire, activity registration, online order, feedback and other various scenes of the custom, and can effectively integrate a variety of channels, such as mail, microblog, WeChat, customers will submit feedback unified backstage, and users can mobile phone APP, WeChat to find these questions and feedback system, which can be and contact relevant data of precipitation down, for the followup information display, information transfer and lay the foundation. MAC CRM this round of $4000000 for the A round of investment, is currently one of the Saas field of A wheel financing the highest amount of real enterprise. Chose in the years after this all is in God start slow, attention is not focused time announced financing sources, Mai team said is to take action in response to Xu Xiaoping’s call, Mai have emboldened dare publish the amount of financing the most real! Li Hui said. In February 22nd, founder Xu Xiaoping initiative venture circles in the microblog eliminate the phenomena of false investment. Subsequently, many venture capital institutions, the media have expressed support and will together into purification and supervision team. currently Mai CRM is fully developed 2 products, Li Hui said the product revision levels is an innovation. 2 MAC CRM contacts will greatly strengthen the function, and the source of contact data is not only the past form, will also increase the short message mailbox, phone records, based on user authorization, Mai will help users to contact data scattered throughout the you and others have gathered, and classification of these contacts, classification, convenient for the subsequent management of contacts. Mai from 0 to 1, from a concept into a practical and convenient form tool. From the 1 to the larger, we need to start with a simple and efficient information gathering tools into real value creating tools for users, do CRM management light novel. Li Hui said. In 2015 January, Li Hui was elected to the start state 30

this is a revered as the God Chinese No

this is a revered as the God Chinese No. second, and later was listed as the No. 1 non God ghost, ghost, as if never, ended up being a ghost word covers people. This is a 24 year old when army colonel, company commander, battalion commander, Colonel, from teachers, when to the field army commander, defense minister, and often wears several hats such as the Anti Japanese military and political university president and the commissar, northeast Bureau Secretary, military commander and political commissar of the northeast, the Northeast Field Army commander, in addition to the vice commander. never a deputy people. This is a party and military history without him, some historical facts will speak not understand, will appear blank, it will leave a mark, and then increasingly arouse people to explore the psychological curiosity, people. This is a time to face, and dare to face, trying to avoid, it is hard to avoid, light not heavy, not deep, not shallow, not, slightly cautious will cause trouble, has been dead for 40 years, is still very sensitive people. This is a lot of talk about a people privately, said the world there are many rumors, now gradually began to objectively in the history of the balance of people. Who knows, the man’s name was Lin Biao. Mao Zedong said: before 1949, Lin Biao is more than a reactive for Chinese revolution. Jiang Jieshi said: Lin Biao is the devil war. Stalin said: Lin Biao is invincible commander in chief. heard the news of Lin Biao’s death, in the Great Hall of the people in the Premier Zhou Enlai nearly a lifetime only public cry bitter tears, crying in the corner, for twenty minutes, and Jiang Jieshi Strait also shed tears of pain and sigh. Lin Biao generally only military, map reading every day, Luo Ronghuan called the key doctrine, Lin Biao speaks only point. 1 Lin Biao was invited to speak the course of Marxism and Leninism Party School in Yanan, we are prepared to record the Anti Japanese hero’s teachings, many people are ready to pen and paper, but Lin Biao came just said one sentence: capitalism is a few people get rich, communism is the people rich, finished, said the end of the rostrum, all terrified. 2 in Tashan blocking in the war, our army suffered heavy casualties, Cheng Zihua Xiang Linbiao report damage, after Lin Biao listens, human opponent said calmly: tell Cheng Zihua, I don’t want his casualty figures, as long as I am the tashan. 3 in the west of Liaoning and wipe out the war, our army force structure disrupted, command problems, men reported to Lin Biao, Lin Biao after hearing the same said calmly: messy I no matter, find Liao Yaoxiang on the line. 4 in sixty, Vietnamese leaders ask Lin Biao how to win the victory of the war in Vietnam, Lin Biao from the mouth just spit out the one word: boil.

introduction: in the face of this kind of case

introduction: in the face of this kind of case, the trial justice could not refuse, but the referee are likely to end up in the legality of administrative acts, and to play to respond to public issues. is expected to open the trial will be special legal grey zone, or is placed high hopes on the judicial authority. The final car, had to resort to legislation. special concern the first case of the recent trial in Ji’nan. Drivers Chen Chao law enforcement officers were fined 20000 yuan due to see a visitor out, will Ji’nan city public passenger transport management center court. An administrative litigation will be prominent legal disputes about the car. On the court, the two sides around the punishment procedures, penalties according to the fact whether the legality of the full focus of debate, the court will ultimately decide also can make nothing of it. recently around the car over, from the Nanjing taxi strike shipped to Shanghai and then to car, physical conflict occurred in Taiyuan car drivers with the law enforcement officers in the car, to facilitate travel at the same time also in the great risk of illegal operation. This case is the core issue is to attract people’s attention, this kind of reality of the car: Car dilemma on behalf of the mobile Internet booking car way Shi Bushi black car? Car and car where to draw the line? From the bus operator to taxi operators to ordinary people, are looking forward to the law can give a clear statement. therefore, this case will be the public’s expectations into the judicial field. People look forward to the gray zone of judicial decisions can let the car out of the law, establish clear rules. A society in legal disputes to hear the voice of the court is a good thing, but the court may not be able to take up this well intentioned, because in our country, the judicial settlement of disputes are often only on the case, it is difficult for the society to create a new deterministic rules. this is a very tangled state. Especially in the period of social transition, the legal system is not yet mature, to a lot of social innovation behavior evaluation is not clear, because the change of administration functions are not in place, resulting in such a phenomenon: when the lack of specific legal regulations on certain types of behavior, law enforcement may be in doubt on the legitimacy of the punishment behavior in advance, once the case into the judicial process, the social value judgment on the behavior itself will be transferred to the judicial judgment, to find legal basis from the judgment. This is where the judicial institution transformation dilemma. in the face of this kind of case, the trial justice could not refuse, but the referee are likely to end up in the legality of administrative acts, and to play to respond to public issues. In fact, in this case from the focus of the debate on the trial the defendant can also be seen, judicial proceedings of

Xinyue Baiyun according to Hongkong media reports

Xinyue Baiyun according to Hongkong media reports, in March 24th, Beijing, Guo Jingjing attended a brand launch. Jingjing wearing a pink dress appeared, fresh and charming Daxian woman. Talk about career and family, Guo Jingjing said it would do its utmost to do the best, cause husband will also give some advice to give her, but usually at home, she will take the children, help children to bathe, wash your hair, everything is handson. In an interview, asked whether he would enter the film circle, Guo Jingjing sure that never stopped the television drama, says he has never received acting training, not to do their own poor thing. Entertainment News Diving Queen Guo Jingjing since 2012 November to marry giants childe Kenneth Fok, the following year gave birth to a son after a few appearances, very lowkey, period was photographed buy stall, cleaning at home, let the public praise her, more let her husband Kenneth Fok had added to her love. In fact, this is Guo Jingjing modest, the ancient style does not break up, some people said that the Olympic champion in the entertainment circle is inevitable, in the sports star, Tian Liang very early into the entertainment circle. After retiring in 2007, Tian Liang began making movies and TV series, in 7 years, he appeared in more than 10 film and television works, the introduction of single, participate in various TV shows, in the entertainment circle appearance rate high. To Guo Jingjing today fame, status, and is Hongkong’s top giants daughterinlaw, want to enter the entertainment circle development is easy, why she determined not to enter the entertainment circle? first, into the entertainment business is not for money, fame, status? Some sports stars are in the entertainment circle is just to make a living, because sports star short life, to a certain age must retire. However, these are not needed for Guo Jingjing, she has the fame, status, and rich. And earlier according to a broker to know Guo Jingjing disclosed to reporters, Guo Jingjing himself had no interest in the entertainment circle, communication with her friends is the main business and the depth of the official two generation, she early on business, do a business interested. second, Huo Jia old boss Henry Fok had expressly forbid grandchildren go to Starchaser: they are known by people holding are, what skill? One of the most bad is famous. Anecdotal biography Huo daughterinlaw standard, in the case of Loletta Chu, the standard is talented, lowkey, quite beautiful, the most important is, scandal and gossip are not touch the body. Guo Jingjing once entered the entertainment circle can do scandals and gossip don’t touch the body? In addition to , Kenneth Fok’s condition, to find any entertainment or social circles in Hongkong actress is not difficult, but why he chose the Olympic champion Guo Jingjing? The main Guo Jingjing and their Guo Jingjing out of the ordinary, pure, pure, like a piece of blank paper, and the special sentiment, lowkey, introverted, is a as an understanding wife and loving mother, this is afraid is the body is very difficult to achieve in the entertainment circle actress. 1043448578 micro signal: I

lead: reporter Zhao Xiaohui Li Yunlu Cong Feng the establishment of the second board market

lead: reporter Zhao Xiaohui Li Yunlu Cong Feng the establishment of the second board market. This year’s government work report, Premier Wen Jiabao just a word, not only so many waiting for small and mediumsized enterprises to eat also in the two sessions on the amp; ldq reporter Zhao Xiaohui Li Yunlu Cong Feng the establishment of the market. This year’s government work report, Premier Wen Jiabao in a short sentence, which so many waiting for eat also in two sessions on one stone arouses 1000 billow. do poineering work board the market success, can produce excellent enterprises like Microsoft, also can greatly promote a country’s technological capabilities. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics professor Yi Minli representative said, according to the experience and the lesson, do poineering work board the approaching must adhere to marketoriented and transparent principles, to create with Chinese characteristics. science and technology is the first productivity, small and mediumsized enterprises are the main force of the technological innovation impetus. Deputies to the National People’s Congress, Sichuan Wuliangye group company chairman Tang Qiao said, but, for those who ‘hand a good invention, growth of SMEs in the bag shy acerbity’ speaking, a shortage of funds, difficulties has become their grows strong encountered the most vicious’ stumbling block’. according to statistics from the national development and Reform Commission show that at present, the development of new products more than 80% Chinese invention patents, 65%, is done by small and medium sized enterprises. However, at the same time display statistics, China’s small enterprises indirect financing accounted for up to 98%, the direct financing 2%. Tang Bridge representatives believe that the financing difficulties of SMEs in China is a common phenomenon, many companies looking for listed or financing road to seek development space, can often go to the wall than the more successful. The establishment of the second board market can give these enterprises to provide a good platform for financing, to help them break the funds achieve bigger and stronger. in fact, as early as in a few years ago, the gem was ready. However, while China does pioneering work board the preparations in full swing, the international stock market ushered in the network the bursting of the tech stock bubble. From the second half of 2000 began, thought to represent, hightech enterprises as the main object of investment in the world’s major stock markets began unilateral market fell. Rising more than ten months to 2001 March the index fell to 70%, by market capitalisation, investor losses of up to hundreds of billions of dollars. This leads to concerns about China gem. But, at the time Chinese motherboard market remains a large institutional problem situations, people are more worried about the GEM market will repeat the mistakes of the motherboard. now, experienced the reform of non tradable shares in China’s stock market has shrunk, although there are such problems, but the stock market is the most basic resource allocation and financing functions are made, which creates conditions for the launch of the gem. Yi Minli representative said. Since established in 2004, the board market of small and mediumsized enterprises are regarded as the gem rapid development, has accumulated certain experience for gem

lead: fade in succession when father

lead: fade in succession when father, Fan Min can keep Ctrip enterprise gene, and its transplantation in new business? Ctrip in the CTRP.NADQ CEO Fan Min’s office, a great and a small two stone that can offer enjoy, every time pressure will raid, Fan Min habitually touches icy stone when the founders have faded out, can keep the enterprise gene, and its transplantation in new business? CTRP.NADQ CEO in Ctrip’s office, a great and a small two stone that can offer enjoy, every time pressure will raid, Fan Min touches icy stone chronically to calm yourself down. this is probably Fan Min served two years since the CEO that carry Cheng most laborious day. The shadow of the financial crisis in the door, the world’s largest online travel site Expedia EXPE.NADQ has suffered heavy losses, the company’s share price from $30.55 at the beginning of the peak to the current nearly $8. Although Fan Min thought it was just a unusually cold spell in early spring, but undeniable is, Ctrip is going to its unique growth bottleneck. How to promote the original mature business air tickets, hotel booking outside the new point of growth, is now the most let Fan Min worry about that. He sighed, in the past two years the market development speed faster, smoother, more 2008 hardships and dangers. carry Cheng to continue to develop, light as reservation, booking has not much space, on the surface have great profits, but the business stability is very low, very low threshold for commercial. Served as vice president, Ctrip is 7 Days Inn CEO Zheng Nanyan explains the Ctrip situation. Carry Cheng to need some combination of capital and business. On the China entrepreneurs said zheng. holiday and business travel is Fan Min to support the new growth point. Before we could only hotel and air ticket booking 2 fulcrum, now at least 4 fulcrum. He said, in addition, Ctrip also set up Starway Hotel Management Co. Ltd., enter hotel management field. In Fan Min seems, Ctrip’s future should be is not only a pure intermediaries, but also provide more tourism products and more comprehensive onestop travel service. 9 years ago, Fan Min encouraged joined Ctrip, Ctrip, and become the following after the fourth founders, he is also the only one to be persuaded to join the tourism industry elite, van was previously general manager, Shanghai travel agency for the Internet, he is a layman. Since then, Fan Min because of its tourism industry familiar with and good executive ability, a routing company executive vice president, chief operating officer promotion to chief executive, while the other three founders, Ctrip is already left or fade out of the company management. fan min can run good Ctrip relay this stick? transplantation Ctrip gene The first problem encountered is Fan Min, how the traditional advantage of transplantation of Ctrip’s new business that having different characteristics and requirements?

Hunan announced under the program in the future no longer cooperate with other new media

today, Hunan announced under the program in the future no longer cooperate with other new media, all play their own mango TV, calling them to create their own video brand, the protection of copyright, shall not be allowed to cooperate with the new media! While the world cup this year, CCTV is not open to any video site broadcasting rights, but only through their own CNTV network broadcast. While a jittery, may mean that Zhejiang satellite TV, Jiangsu satellite TV and many other brands are likely to follow, one stone arouses 1000 billow, various sound follow close on succession, but is more pessimistic voices. in the past period of time the net net action drama and many selfmade drama off the assembly line, to today’s Hunan satellite TV announced retreat alone, look, China domestic video site in the darkest hour, in fact, is only influenced on the video site, and web portal, as well as all may use the Department of broadcasting video of various Internet platforms, including mobile Internet platform. who in the end who counter attack Internet Video How to do be the first to bear the brunt, in addition to the portal, filled with a lot of video collection video sites, the most affected, is hard for decades, night returned to liberation of feeling. In fact, as well as similar to the Jiangsu satellite TV, if you are the one, Zhejiang satellite TV, Hunan satellite TV China good voice happy camp and other strong programs, as well as various TV Toupai drama have released on various video sites, tens of millions of hits, to the website and TV stations are marked a potent hormone, deep hidden danger. from the Internet perspective, good content, to bring traffic, massive video collection, become a big entrance, smart TVs this year has already begun with the living room entrance opportunity, who all know, with the development of the Internet, information simply can not meet the needs of users, who mastered the more comprehensive in the video, the future of the Internet market to seize the opportunity, and have the opportunity to become the new BAT, in fact, so is the development of video sites, the land from the pirated video, to buy the copyright, and then to the micro film era, and now the competition, video sites in addition to play video platform, also began to play media identity, first of all from the shoot off to entertainment news, are trying to interview, although these are not the socalled certificate, belong to but did not affect the performance of his media properties. if all TV stop on the video site copyright authorization, no show the content of the video site of the huge loss. From the list of Youku video channel can clearly see no TV support consequences: TV: no domestic drama, although the popular are old movie remake and soap opera, but fortunately we have TVB and selfmade drama, do not rule out the possibility of future cooperation with the television drama produced 2 variety: 80 is back from the network variety show the Jacky Wu era, the domestic.