Executive vice mayor of Beijing Li Shixiang. Boao Southern i like lebron james 2016 reporter Chengsi siege released official figures forum, from the Boao to achieve the air quality in Boao, in a small town in Beijing, Tianjin and the provinces and cities is still not open around the topic of haze. At the annual meeting of the Boao Forum, Beijing, Tianjin, Beijing, Beijing, Tianjin and other executive vice mayor, cooperation and development strategy, under the joint efforts of the past two years, "haze did have some success", "but did not reach expected value." Vice governor of Hebei Zhang Jiehui has repeatedly said: Hebei in the effort, but also to continue to work hard." Beijing’s first easy to Beijing, Tianjin and more than two years of implementation of the implementation of the development strategy for the implementation of the development strategy, to ease the non capital function of Beijing to hand over the transcripts of the first. Beijing’s industry is too
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Lebron James Low Top Shoes Men Hebei, 6300 projects and 836 output of the project also export technical contract 3600, equivalent to 1 yuan 200 billion yuan. In Beijing’s "report card", vice governor of Hebei Province, the office of the two liaison offices in the Winter Olympics,
Lebron James Olympic Shoes to assume the Beijing Hyundai motor production line to provide proof, for example, Hebei will be a breakthrough in the short board. Zhang Jiehui is Hebei overcapacity, outspoken, our steel production capacity has reached 3 billion 391 million tons, steel production capacity has i love cheap jordans wholesale reached 4 billion 106 million tons, equivalent to two Anshan iron and steel production capacity. Hebei’s efforts, Li Shixiang, points like: Zhang deputy governor said that Beijing’s production capacity, good air harvest, in this issue, first of all to thank the people of Hebei." Local enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei pollution haze rule, what kind of impact? Beijing’s air quality, changes did, by 2015, the blue sky and white clouds in the sky 180 days 2014 with greatly improved, but do not meet people’s expectations, in December last year a i love jordan nubuck men week or more extreme weather, razed to the ground. " He acknowledged that Beijing’s terrain, wind and other factors, the i like air jordan shoes men most dangerous before and after the heating period". With the ease of Beijing industry, Mr. Zhang said: "the ease of non capital function, polluting enterprises can not be refined, because no matter how dilute the flow of discount lebron james website gas". Li Shixiang introduction, Beijing has more than 1100 of the industrial enterprises in situ pollution reduction." The weather is even more important than economic indicators." Zhao Haishan, vice mayor of Tianjin, broke the news: Tianjin city leaders are concerned about the weather every day. According to reports, Tianjin coal, dust, vehicle, industrial pollution, new projects and control. Last year, the increase in the number of days to 45 days, "the next step we will continue to from Beijing, Hebei overall monitoring, prevention and control system discount kids air jordan shoes of cooperation," Hebei also has a corresponding change. Zhang Jiehui introduced in February this year, the national 74 cities in the countdown of air quality, Hebei has reduced from 7 to 4 in the past, in Hebei, Beijing governance haze problem, Tianjin is a community of interests. Hebei does not relax the efforts must be dealt with, be sure to treat it." Zhang Jiehui once again stressed the "efforts"". Editor: Wang Haocheng article key words: haze Hebei Beijing