press release text recently, Ai Rui according to corporate earnings and interview update, 2014 China online travel vacation industry research report data, in 2014 the scale of China online travel holiday transaction size from 42650000000 rel= nofollow Ai Rui consulting believes that the online travel market as the hottest field, online holiday market development prospects, the next three years, the growth rate will remain above 30%. 2014 years, China’s online travel holiday market, carry ox of Cheng, road, the same way still ranked the top three, through interviews and research, Ctrip open platform model and the way cattle main business mode is the same, so in the report do containing platform and does not contain the competition pattern of the platform to distinguish. 2014 Ctrip online holiday trading volume to 10.4 billion yuan, accounted for vs 23.2%, ranked first in the market; the way cattle transactions accounted for than 13
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Silver Red.4%, compared to 1.8 percentage point rise in the share in 2013; the same way for than 5.6%, ranked third. p iResearch think 2014 online holiday market development hot, market competition also becomes more and more intense. One side is the price war between the old OTA enterprise, one side is the fight of the OTA and business platform, is expected to 2015 online holiday market will continue to maintain this situation. more content, please refer to the full version of the report. was founded in 2002 by the href= Yang Weiqing launched the creation, to become China’s new economic best consumer insight and research consulting company. Href= for the concept, to provide customers with professional services in the field of Internet related fields of Chinese market, research and consulting services, help customers to raise awareness level of the Internet industry, profitability and comprehensive competitiveness, so that the power of the Internet to ignite various industries in china. Ai Rui is headquartered in Beijing and Shanghai, has a stable and deep industry experience in service management team, currently has more than 400 employees, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Silicon Valley, New York, Hongkong and other places with regional offices. Ai Rui consulting has a personal computer, smart phones, tablet PCs, smart TV and other different terminal users of millions of levels of user behavior monitoring sample of Internet ratings data, is one of China’s most authoritative Internet users ratings companies. The Institute of research in the year of the year is more than 100.

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