protection of personal information to form a consensus [time: 2012 15, 03 09:55] [source: Legal Daily] [Author: Li Guowei] [editor: Yang Dong Hu Yaowen p recently, media reports said, citizens through the legal protection of their personal information often ‘nowhere to complain, it is imperative to speed up the citizen individual information protection legislation, comprehensive system to clear all the related parties legal rights, responsibilities and obligations. Recently, a number of NPC deputies and CPPCC members invariably focus
on the protection of the personal information of this hot topic, and promote the protection of personal information. p Shenzhen 150000 newborns of information being leaked, CSDN site of 600 million user data malicious disclosure, then the horizon, Renren website user data was put online for download. 2011 end of a series of personal information leakage incident affecting the public sensitive nerve. Released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 2009 law blue book pointed out that with the continuous development of information processing and storage technology and our
personal information leakage E-CIG CHINA incidents emerge in endlessly, intensified, sell th
e house owner information, information investors, business people information, owner information, telecommunications user information, patient information has formed a a new industry. In the face of the wave of information technology be a trend which cannot be halted we must ask, what to take, to protect our personal information in a variety of alternative options, develop a set of legal system, and the name of the country to organize Mechanical Mod and RDA
the implementation, implementation, is undoubtedly the most simple and quick and the most effective way. It is reported that more than fifty countries and regions in E-CIGARETTE CHINA the world have developed the relevant laws to protect personal information. In China, personal information protection law has been brewing for six years, but it has not yet formally entered the legislative process. Although the 2009 criminal law amendment seven, the tort liability act in 2010 for the protection of
personal information has been provided, but relatively scattered, and lack of operability. so, how should we do the legislative work? first of all, from the perspective of a number of indepth study of the value of personal information protection. The privacy of personal information, our country scholars in discussing personal information protection, it comes down to the problem of privacy protection, while ignoring the flow of information and sharing of social significance and economic value. If you do not have a thorough study of the value of the Hot E Cig kits protection of personal information, direct legislation in the future is likely to encounter a lot of problems ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA can not be imagined. Multi occurs, law is not responsible for the masses, so either discussing legislation when the resistance is too large to make all kinds of either through legislation after the implementation of the discount, finally the protection of individual personal information protection law becomes personal management, personal information management method. next, we need to carefully, more Disposable e cigarette angle to investigate. We have to figure out what I am;