public security ministry to respond to the new regulations focus on the new high speed maximum penalty 200 yuan ; [time: October 16, 2012 09:46] [source: Xinhua] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong to respond to the new rules of the new 5 focus Disposable e cigarette the person in charge Hot E Cig kits of the Ministry of public security is to apply for a new amendment to the new motor vehicle driver’s license application and the use of the provisions of the user to E-CIG CHINA ask Ministry of public security of the newly revised motor vehicle driver’s license to apply E-CIGARETTE CHINA for and use regulations promulgated a week, causing widespread concern and continuing hot debate. Ministry of public security, the relevant person in charge of the responsible person recently accepted an interview with reporters on the online number of hot issues. : the focus of a red light button 6: special circumstances may appeal from [net friend question] looking at the front is a yellow light, red in the past into a red light, this is the red light? Is in front of the car to block out of sight and the Mechanical Mod and RDA red light to do? Red li
ght from 3 points to 6 points, is not too strict? [authority response] the new regulations on the red light and other traffic violations to improve the penalty score, which is to give full play to the vehicle driver’s cumulative score system in the prevention of road traffic accidents, maintenance of road traffic order, the role of standardized driving behavior, increase the illegal acts of
serious damage to traffic safety. although the red light behavior of the punishment is rigid, but the red light behavior of the identification is prudent, elastic. For because of the cart in front of the block line of sight and mistakenly ran a red light and other special circumstances, the traffic control department ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA will be in accordance with the law enforcement procedures were verified and rectified, if indeed because before the car block the signal lamp in car mistakenly ran a
red light, or is the driver for emergency patient transport and other special circumstances ran a red light, except through the legal auditors and other forms in the early to be corrected, the parties may also settled by means of administrative reconsideration,
administrative litigation and other avenues of complaint, true impunity. suggested that the driver encountered a large truck ahead of the situation, should keep a certain distance from the front car, in order to see the traffic lights. If it is not recognized, the driver should drive carefully. for users to reflect some of the traffic lights set up a reasonable problem, the Ministry of public security will further optimize the traffic lights set, improve the relevant countries and industry standards, through the development of centralized investigation, listen to the views of users and other forms, scientific adjustment and rational allocation of traffic lights with space time and space position. : the focus of two block the plate deducted 12 points: deliberately obscured to be punished [] is
the license plate users questions were muddy also block the plate? ;