real estate investment market is Hot E Cig kits also hidden Disposable e cigarette risks, there are people who make enough money to choke. Many investment properties can earn higher interest, this kind of person not how smart mind, but pay attention to the study of the real estate ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA market, E-CIG CHINA the real market, in order to make the appropriate investment strategy, eventually earned a gold. br Su Zhijun is dug gold one, let us listen to the citizens of Guangzhou Su Zhijun 3 years of real estate investment story. br for program designers Su Zhijun is not only have their own ideas of the program,
also own a program concept to the real estate investment. In the past 3 years of investment in real estate, he has a Amoy E-CIGARETTE CHINA to gold. For how to invest in real estate, Su Zhijun said with
a smile, investment real estate is a program design, before the investment to have their own planning and design, step by step research can only be formed a perfect program. br due to occupational habit, Su
Zhijun like the problem after the research is clear and then shot, although the idea of real estate investment in 2003, but there has been no action. 2003 Guangzhou housing prices compared to the end of the last century, the end of the 90’s a lot
cheaper, Su Zhijun has the desire to invest. You don’t know much about the property market, there is no action because of, but did not expect 2004 Guangzhou prices began to rise, Su Zhijun has little regret their indecision. Of course, as a robust investor, it is indeed should be familiar with the real estate investment environment to sell, including the sale of
the real estate, the owners constitute, land prices, procedures and other aspects. br under normal circumstances, real estate investors usually use to rent the loan, choose to sell investment, Su Zhijun real Mechanical Mod and RDA estate investment intention is also so, housing positioning for whitecollar class and even resale will also sell a good price. Next is to find listings and how to fund the collocation issue.