recently in the teaching of Chinese and American diplomacy, I changed the point of view of
the students. I ask them, to rule out national security and national interests of these big principles not to mention, and the international exchanges ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA and diplomatic objectives of the two countries have what different? I remind them that they can start with the top leaders of the two countries and find out some of the key words. ; p after some discussion students obtained such a conclusion: b China’s diplomatic objectives is to maintain world peace and harmony, respect the sovereignty, noninterference in each other’s internal affairs, and common development and winwin cooperation, and hanging in the mouth of the president of the United States foreign policy goals is to maintain fairness, justice, protection of human rights, not sit idly by the socalled injustice, is not the Disposable e cigarette country, don’t let E-CIGARETTE CHINA those who violate human rights and oppose their country win. ; these obvious diplomatic goals from China and
the United States are not difficult to see, and the differences between China and the United States are essentially different. China’s diplomatic goal is the same hundred years of humiliation, the loss of sovereignty, the territory was divided into the hi
story of the same. China’s demands for peace, harmony, noninterference in internal affairs and cooperation are very strong
and can be said E-CIG CHINA to represent a significant portion of the aspirations of developing countries. ; the United States is different, although in his diplomatic goals are often referred to the peace, but it is clear that the. The United States often waged war against the pretext of defending human rights, or in order to safeguard the rights of human rights. As Chinese leaders have been more enthusiastic about the harmony and they have never become an American foreign policy, which often prevents the development of some countries such as Cuba by unilateral sanctions. ; p separately, the Sino US diplomatic goal sounds peace of course is beyond reproach, fair is also plausible, both of them have their own its own set of theories and selfcontained. When the two countries become the first, second of the country, the two kinds of diplomatic ideas are likely to lead to conflict: one accused each other to maintain the evil peace, another attack each other in order to promote their socalled justice and undermine the world peace. ; need to be alert, the more than two kinds of targets, but there may be a deviation, and even to the extreme. For example, in the pursuit of fairness, Mechanical Mod and RDA justice, protection of human rights for foreign policy objectives of the United States, often to the maintenance of order in the world and promote its recognition of the value of philosophy and interference in the internal affairs of other countries, war easily; as for economic sanctions is become commonplace, almost all with the United States there are countries with different political systems have been subjected to sanctions against him. In under the guidance of the foreign policy objectives, the United States can to North Korea and the ancient territory of human rights violations as an excuse and longterm bilateral economic sanctions, also can send the plane bombing of Hot E Cig kits Kosovo, sent troops to occupy Iraq. for the United States, those who do not respect the human rights of the country, its sovereignty should not be