recently mobile search is very popular, first Ali and UC teamed up to engage in a horse search, and then Sogou announced to enter the mobile search, the official release of search App. Just heard the news, lowkey search successful financing 100000000, and will focus on mobile search strategy rose to 2014. According to reliable sources, 360 of mobile search will be on the line. For a time, mobile search in this arena were four feudal lords vying for the throne. and Ali and UC together to create smarter search, like Baidu mobile search, through the UC browser to search into the flow. Objectively speaking, Baidu mobile search and god horse search, are the traditional style of play. Sogou and 360, and found, in the way of APP to do mobile
Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes White Red search, only three countries also have very big difference. br in the PC search search of defeat, very early in the planning of mobile search and in January this year launched a super mobile app products. From the surface, the super APP and mobile search does not seem to have a direct relationship, more like an entrance. From the functional details of super APP, we seem to be very difficult to see the search mobile search method. br on product form is concerned, super search app is the third generation of search, business, personal portal and other functions in the platform. With this platform, the user can not only customize the presentation of information, add a personalized display page, but also at any time to interact with other users. br from the point of view of the function of the products, mobile search search approach is will search technology embedded in the product, through information or custom model, driven by the search. In addition, through the existing product platform to get through the user, so that users unknowingly experience to bring the convenience of mobile search. Mobile search and Baidu and what of the search box, search mobile search more intelligent, user experience better.

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