registration. Href= Guangxi news network correspondent Lu Ronglan photo new report. Href= Guangxi news network correspondent Lu Ronglan photo Guangxi health Career Technical College freshmen take the baggage to wait for the report. Href= Guangxi news network correspondent Lu Ronglan photo rel= Guangxi September 10th reporter Huang Xinyue correspondent Lu Ronglan to create a high quality, reasonable structure of the primary health Hot E Cig kits care team, and gradually improve the basic medical and health service capacity, autonomous regions in 2015 to 2019, 3000 medical college students free training.
September 9th, the first batch of free medical college students enrolled in Guangxi health Career Technical College. p it is reported that in our region through the implementation of orders directed rural medical specialist vocational students free ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA training, my area national poverty counties, autonomous region relying on the developme
nt of the poor counties, ethnic minority Autonomous County, county border health center training number is totaling E-CIGARETTE CHINA 3000 people, plans to 2015 and 2019 points 5 years of enrollment, every year to recruit 600 people, 3 years of schooling and training
of medical personnel to go to, well, stay the next batch, strengthening the health based.
p these medical college student oriented in order, exempt from tuition and accommodation E-CIG CHINA fee, enjoy state of relevant policies to take care of higher vocational students, students get admission notice before the need respectively with schools and students to Wei gauge Disposable e cigarette board signed the relevant agreement, commitment to enjoy relevant treatment, and assume the relevant responsibilities and obligations, after graduation to signed an agreement where the county township health center services for six years. p according to Guangxi health vocational and technical college president Wang Chao Lin introduction, this year 600 free medical college student enrollment plan is mainly undertaken by the guard Vocational Technical College, Guangxi University of Technology Mechanical Mod and RDA School of medicine and Guangxi College of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the arrangement of the autonomous region health plan and the Department of education’s plan, this year health vocational and technical college training rural free order oriented higher vocational medical college students plan is 250, recruitment place for eight cities of
Nanning, Wuzhou, Beihai, Yulin, Guigang, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang, Chongzuo, 51 counties, eventually admitted to the 242. report to the scene in the newborn, the reporter saw the admission this year, the highest score of the health vocational and Technical College of liberal arts students Pan Liujin. 1