rel= Guangxi news network 8 20 correspondent Liu Yirong in E-CIGARETTE CHINA August 8th, this year, Typhoon No. thirteenth, Su Di in Fujian coastal landing again, the center of the largest wind 13 38 M s. Ping An Property amp; Casualty full response to the typhoon disaster, the first time introduced 13 claims service initiatives and use scientific and technological means to carry out claims service. As of August 10, 18, Ping An Property amp; Casualty received a total of storm related report 5364 pen, including auto insurance fastest a pen
telephone direct compensation in just 5 minutes, the first single property insurance independent claims the whole is Mechanical Mod and RDA only 28 minutes. p typhoon Disposable e cigarette formation, Ping An Property amp; casualty is the first time established to Sun Jianping, chairman and CEO E-CIG CHINA for the head of the major emergency leading group, score linkage pay close attention to the running track of the typhoon, took the initiative to contact and visit Hot E Cig kits customers, assist customers to do a good job in the prevention of and response to deployment. After landfall, casualty total, branch launched the emergency plan to fight the arrival
of typhoon. p in the typhoon disaster response, Ping An insurance based on Internet technology to launch insurance telephone direct compensation, property insurance independent e claims intelligent terminal flourish. In August 8th, Fuzhou city of Fujian Province, the owner Mr. Lee’s car was blown typhoon damaged branches. Day 13 o’clock in the
afternoon, he made a report to the 95511 call center, then in the call center of the seat member guide upload car damage photos, online to assess the damage. 4 hours 40 minutes and 13 seconds, Li Xiansheng will receive compensation, claims the whole process less than 5 minutes. Also on August 8 afternoon, property insurance customers Chen home due to typhoon seepage interior damage, in 95511 call center staff under the guidance of, 15 26 points Mr. Chen by e claims the client to upload
photos of accidents, fast background claims to assess the damage, 15 54 customers that is close to the reparations, the whole process lasted for only 28 minutes. p as of August 10, 18, Ping An Property amp; casualty has been completed closing of 1066 pen insurance claims cases and 15 property insurance claims payment. Follow up, Ping An Property amp; casualty will always pay attention to the typhoon dealing with the aftermath of the progress and make every effort to ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA rescue, survey and claims of the work, and strive to provide efficient and comprehensive care services for customers with the fastest speed and the most professional service. Ping An Property amp; casualty and suggests that the majority of customers pay attention to check the family property and vehicle damage, such as the discovery of loss, please timely call 95511 report telephone; for rescue, Ping An Property amp; casualty will also provide professional
rescue service.