rel= Guangxi news network E-CIGARETTE CHINA Fangchenggang August 12th reporter Zhou Longfu correspondent Tan Jingjing recently, href= reporter learned from Fangchenggang City Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of Public Security Bureau to open a number of service platforms, has been formally launched. Especially the inspection appointment system of attention of the E-CIG CHINA masses, also began to provide services for the owners. Fangchenggang Online Public Security Bureau officially opened in July this year. It is understood that the online public security bureau a framework including news release, interaction between the police and the people, sunshine law enforcement, business lobby, walked into the police camps and the plate, 28 columns. The main features are real name authentication, online booking, online inquiries, online processing, online supervision, online services, online publicity, etc is a public concern of the vehicle inspection system is also officially opened in August 1st. At present, there Disposable e cigarette are ports, Dongxing, Shangsi 3 inspection station to join the Online Public Security Bureau for the masses to choose. in accordance with the previous way of vehicles examined, the owner must be detected station service hall window to vehicle detection. Due to the detection station f
ar from the city, traffic inconvenience, Fangchenggang public security departments in accordance with the demands of the people, to change the work mode, and the
city’s 3 auto testing company in Fangchenggang City Online Public Security Bureau to increase the vehicle inspection module, to take the vehicle inspection
in advance booking mode, the public can make an appointment online inspection business, to determine the annual inspection agencies for vehicle inspection, eliminating the need to make an appointment with the time and economic costs. in the car business appointment, the public Mr. Qin is the first to eat crab. This business has just opened, Mr. Qin successfully through the Public Security Bureau online booking, on August 11 to detection mechanism for vehicle inspection business. p in the morning, Mr. Qin promised to Hong’an automobile safety testing company, in accordance with normal procedures, the vehicle inspection. Mr. Qin said he Mechanical Mod and RDA ferial ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA busy work, difficult to deliberately pumping time to the inspection institutions to conduct onsite reservation, as long as it is in the Public Security Bureau online your fingertips, not on a hot day all the way run here appointment, the owners in remote areas is more convenient. Mr. Qin said, he will move around more convenient way to tell colleagues and friends. p Fangchenggang City Public Security
Bureau online, a responsible person introduced, after a month of running and improvement, Public Security Bureau online issue of the Hot E Cig kits business currently has been officially opened operations, including online traffic illegal, vehicle inspection booking, reservation driving exam, in custody personnel and is met with a number
of appointments. The person in charge said that after the opening of the Online Public Security Bureau, the masses as long as the Fangchenggang Municipal Public Security Bureau href=