Relatively heavy precious metals and EUR / GBP repeated movements, AUD and JPY light rebound in the foreign exchange market is unusually brisk. But both aud bottom continue to rebound in the war or the yen’s rise, tonight without exception to withstood the test of the U.S.
non farm data what, in determining the direction of the E-CIGARETTE CHINA trend of the times we should how to grasp the trend of the two currencies for? 1 the bottom of the Australian dollar is badly needed to confirm Hot E Cig kits that the Australian dollar is set to rebound on Tuesday, after a few days of adjustment, but on Friday afternoon there is a sharp rise in the market. Tonight could Powei 0.74 points of resistance increase or turn down below the position of 0.73?? first, overall U.S. data released before the Australian dollar ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA to maintain the strong upward characteristic, in the vicinity of 0.74 points although the composition of the resistance, but overall at the bottom of the trend of relatively well, whether homeopathy, look at this position. Second, the Australian Federal Reserve has recently changed the economic policy judgments, relatively optimistic rema
rks began to fall from a great support; at least from the recent discussion of this period of time without a high exchange rate over the threat of recovery and the like, this is undoubtedly a certain price support performance. Mechanical Mod and RDA Third, the trend of the Australian dollar up to uncertainty or bad factors, mainly large commodity prices sharply lower prices, the current CRB index is still a further decline in the trend, which is
very unfavorable for the current trend. Comprehensive analysis, tonight the U.S. non farm data show good, will end tonight’s Australian dollar rebounded to continue to lower the bottom of the shock and even below the current level of support to test 0.7 may be there, and vice versa good current trend. 2, the yen aspirations
125 high imminent yen exchange rate sharply Wednesday rose and broke through the recent in 124.5 key resistance Thursday is vulnerable to adjust, the trend appears to have been unaffected by the Bank of Japan Kuroda the, the dollar again to have aspirations 125.855 point of the trend. So, tonight’s U.S. non farm can fulfill this trend? First of all, before the U.S. non farm data released, the yen exchange rate as a whole has stabilized at 120.390 launched the V-shape rise, is said the yen’s main trend is upward. Secondly, form 124.5 Powei since June is undoubtedly the release of maximum resistance further upward. Comprehensive look at if good U.S. data yen will continue to rise, the weekly capable of closing Disposable e cigarette in the vicinity of 125 points will directly to record highs in recent years; otherwise it will form a
more than 125 of the second test the top market outlook to repeated shocks finishing. From the perspective of investment ideas, the yen market is secondary to band trend, propose that break brave interventional procedures, if unable to break through the light warehouse bearish for verification after the small band of the down market. In short, the E-CIG CHINA risk of non farm, the market need to be cautious!