Video loading, please wait… Autoplay Kishida this week will be invited before the Beijing News & nbsp;; access; (reporter Yan Ying Chuan Hua Chunying), foreign ministry spokesman announced, in Article 27 should foreign minister Wang Yi invitation, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida will be held from April 29 to May 1 day visit to China. Wang Yi i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes talks with foreign minister Kishida Fumio to exchange i like air max shoes views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common concern. Japanese media reported that Kishida Fumio’s visit to China, will also be in the Capital Normal University and the Chinese teachers. Hua Chunying said that the current Sino Japanese relations to improve the momentum, but also faces many challenges. Hope that Japan and China have half, and in line with the principles of the four political documents and the four consensus, properly handle relevant issues, and make i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes concrete efforts to promote bilateral relations continue to improve the development. buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online According to the international relations Professor Liu Jiangyong, Research Institute of Tsinghua University. This is four and a half years of diplomatic re visit of Chinese Premier’s visit to Japan, is an important bil
Womens Nike Lab WMNS Air Max 90 SACAI 160128088ateral diplomatic arrangements for this year, the two sides buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online will discuss the South China Sea and the summit and other issues. During his visit to China, mainly in the recent Kishida G7 Fumio summit held buy air max shoes online in Japan recently held in Japan, said recently held in Japan, some of the basic considerations of the seven western group ministers meeting. On the one hand, he hoped that the Sino Japanese relations can be improved, on the other hand, also on China in the South China Sea, East China Sea, two-way security issues, the Chinese side shows the position of the Japanese side. Last year in Seoul, Japan and South Korea summit, according to the rotation mechanism. This is Japan’s chairman, the three national meeting in the second half of this year may be held in japan. In this case, the two sides will attend the summit, the
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Nike Lab WMNS Air Max 90 SACAI Women Shoes In addition, the two sides will also discuss the G20 summit will be in this year in Hangzhou held, Japanese prime minister attended the G20 summit is China and Japan in the multilateral international exchange platform to discuss, to further strengthen exchanges and dialogue. Liu said that China should pay attention to the pace of Japan in the East China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands in the South China Sea on how to act, not only is the position, not only is willing to improve Sino Japanese relations, the intention is to say, but in Japan to do more to improve. Relations between the two countries will gradually heat up, this is the fundamental interests of the two countries. Japan’s military exports have suffered setbacks, the $400 billion charge of China’s editorial losses: Liu Debin performance key words: in Japan, the Japanese Foreign
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