See visitors visit blog: 628499 bloggers integral: 3327 Bowen number: 159 papers opening time: 20090405 announcement Chinese Medicine News amp; nbsp amp; amp; the Chinese nation has a long history, splendid culture, profound philosophical intention, elegant literature and finished good i like lebron james 2014 language. Two thousand years ago our ancestors is from practice accumulated rich prevention and treatment experience, summed up the performance of medical theory, ages are a lot of medical books, together to create a complete system of TCM. But due to the development of the times, the evolution of language, the text more easily, these medical works, amp; and other ancient cultural classics, amp; form of ancient Chinese and modern Chinese. Therefore, the study of Chinese medicine has not a certain literary attainments, can not understand the classical medical books, you can not deeply study. This is one of the basic skills to learn acupuncture,, must be paid attention to. First, the relationship between Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine a, medical home is a large scholar Click to view the original kidney for the innate, the spleen for the day after tomorrow, the relationship between the first discount kids air jordan shoes performance in the innate and acquired. The kidney is the main water of the dirty, the spleen is the main transport of i like air jordan shoes men water, the relationship between the kidney and the spleen is the second performance in the water metaboli
Mens Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes White Blacksm. amp; click to see the original TCM System amp; nbsp amp; amp; many people to summer will sleepiness, eats, and the Gregorian calendar in late July to early September has always been known as the long summer, is the soil in the five elements, the corresponding organs is the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach that the spleen and stomach in the physiological activities of the human body is
Derrick Rose Shoes Wholesale most important, internal injurytaste, causes various diseases. One summer, why poor appetite amp; nbsp amp; amp; a year in late summer and early autumn, from the great discount lebron james website heat, the beginning of autumn, the i love cheap jordans wholesale Chushu to dew four terms for the long summer. It was rainy and humid. Can be said that the year is the most exuberant period of moisture, due to the spleen is the soil, the corresponding season for long summer, so temper and long summer gas, the spleen of the main transport of water wet, and its sexual Xi dry and humid. Long summer when dampness evil most easily erosion body, damp heat in the spleen and stomach, Spleen Yang injury. The splenism and easy to cause distention and fullness of chest, eat less burnout. Thin stool, sweet salivation, tongue greasy and other symptoms. Second, the spleen and stomach in the end is what amp; nbsp amp; amp; unlike western medicine, traditional
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men Wholesale Chinese habits will be collectively referred to as the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach and lips, mouth and other think that constitute the body mainly in the digestive system. The stomach is located in the upper part of the abdomen, the upper part of the
Derrick Rose II Shoes Men Wholesale esophagus, the lower through the small intestine. Located in the upper abdomen spleen, diaphragm, upper left attached to the back side of the stomach. The spleen and stomach in the middle Jiao, subtle acceptance, digestion, absorption, play an important role in the process of joint distribution. The spleen and stomach in the five elements belong to the soil, but the stomach for Yangming dry soil, so like wet; spleen is too damp soil, so hi dry, both interacts, the same as the source of Qi and blood i love jordan nubuck men biochemistry. Three, the physiological function of the spleen and stomach spleen and stomach in the human body’s health, play a decisive role. Insufficiency of the spleen and stomach, then the vitality has not raised. Human nature is weak, riddled with problems. In physiological function