Shortterm alliance 0 blog level level points: access: time 20120623 introduction of the Dragon Boat Festival happy reading 20090619 introduction amp; first single IPO settles, Guilin Sanjin pharmaceutical officially get approval first and will be listed on June 29. As one intends to issue 46 million shares of small cap stocks, the first qualification enough to make before the market anxiety elimination half, because it reveals that management for the determination of nurturing the market, so the market is also naturally to positive bullish trend to react. Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city continued upside index opened higher after a concussion. Reading 20090615 introduction amp; today’s stock twice dropping after being pulled up and relatively strong performance, in the afternoon under
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Jordan 5 Nubuck Grey Blackre but overall performance in general, rising home and fell at home. Read wit introduction in the early stage of the stock index after continuous highs concussion. Today, the two cities, the market appeared the rapid decline. Indeed, due to the recent market on the bearish news many, IPO restart and may economic data released to the shortterm market brings the influence of uncertain. In addition, near the end of the
Jordan 5 Nubuck Men week, hedge funds, which leads to the stock index fell today. Prev finally closed at 2743.76 points, down 1.91%, deep Cheng zhishou. Reading 20090610 17:55:12 Shanghai on the finger in the pre consolidation high the five trading after today successfully i love cheap jordans wholesale stood on the 2800 points. It can be said pre stock index continued stalemate, maintain high concussion but also to wait for today announced the beginning of May of macroeconomic data uncertain and find a breakthrough. From today’s disk, may CPI, PPI data is basically in line with market expectations, uncertainty began to subside, stock index in its published urge stands at one fell swoop 2800. Read happened discount lebron james website at June 92009 indicated introduction today, the market can be described as is near
Jordan 9 Nubuck Men misses. discount kids air jordan shoes Morning slightly Chonggao is a shock downlink, in near 10 daily 2722 points to obtain the support, then gradually stabilized, closing is in under the driving of the brokers, aviation, steel weight, the strong recovery of the 5 day moving average, to close at 2788 points, recently hit a record closing high, turnover yesterday base flat. The index of prices is still continuing, i love jordan nubuck men the blue chips still in the dance, the 2800 points have close at hand. Reading 20090608 21:03:06 market. Peripheral stocks were mixed, had no significant effect on the A stock market. In today’s financial and real estate index rose to the forefront, is to create a new high rebound reading