Since the June 17th hearing and hexun base feeling world cup activities officially launched in June 12th, had 15000 visitors attended the user virtual soccer gambling, and in June 17th 17:00, fifth day of the activity, is expected to have more than six into the gambler lost all bottom. Here the organizers must solemnly remind all watching the ball does not see the ball, friends: soccer gambling risk, don’t really play! gamble: five days into a super six game player lose And according to the base feeling world cup activity rules, access to virtual money each person to participate in the activities of the user can grant or invite friends to participate in the activities of the organizers of the way through, the user can be virtual money for soccer gambling, also can keep virtual money to earn INVESCO the Great Wall Jing Yi goods currency A real income. By the end of June 17th 17:00, a total of 8620 people took part in the activities, the number of soccer gambling peak appeared in the world cup in second days, more than 3900 people attended the day’s virtual soccer gambling. guess ball number change statistics from the days that follow the number of gamblers situation, five days to participate in virtual soccer gambling users suffered heavy losses, by the end of June 17th 17:00 in sixth days, tomorrow the World Cup soccer gambling users only less than 1500 people, a rough estimate of more than 60% of the attending soccer gambling users have lost their virtual principal all. light is the gold: not soccer gambling, be firm and secure and earn interest on the other hand, and a considerable portion of the user’s maddening calm, even in the face of the world cup so hot events, as well as people One’s blood boils with indignation. the soccer gambling feast, even half of the users is not soccer gambling, is to honour the virtual funds earn interest on the in. Pipe how much he made anti, is when the organizers have to promise the interest to call me a user calm and said. In the face of such users, small make up can only say, Your Financial IQ is too high! Hexun Finance Customer World Cup special user virtual principal ranking screenshot more than the user is currently ranked first virtual principal of students, the students by inviting friends to open an account, already has nearly 110000 of the principal, according to 4% of the monetary fund annualised rate of return, the students can at least at the end of the game to get 360 yuan currency fund income. Although the students also participated in several soccer gambling, but it seems quite good, now is to wait for the money of the state. Students! If we all learn from you, financial department girls should find leadership we write the report. soccer gambling to enjoy: the organizer to increase all