Small a do not understand the traffic rules to return to the natural is not a car, a lot of people call me for a driver’s license, driving, I say you crazy? The traffic situation in China is so complex that it is not for the replacement of the driver’s license. As a pedestrian, we just arrived at the time is in strict accordance with the traffic lights to cross the road. The road do not say first, first for the small crossroads because of the smaller roads, no traffic lights, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA stopped at a red light when in fact Mechanical Mod and RDA straight driving is not much, on the edge of the old granny past the, including my parents. I pulled the child clinging to the red light, oblivious to my mother all across the street call. Finally the green light came! I want to cross the road, God! The car turned around in all directions! Although the pedestrian green light, but I still can not cross the road, the traffic flow is more than just a red light. So I secretly think, red light can go, green light can not! But, to the point of intersection, as if it is in accordance with the red light stop, green line principle in the. This is this! I
can’t even see a pedestrian indicator, you still call me drive?! Joking! two a better n
etwork to use a few days, by the use of my mother’s millet, not a few days on the phone was loaded with N like software. Taxi software did not understand it, and I installed drivers called carpool. Go out before the
first online search, booking, buying tickets, how to go are clearly before going out. Here is called the car service to press down, where the phone calls came, Nima that is a convenient! Small domestic partners really live in the network, the
Internet and a variety of promotions, the I overjoyed. E-CIGARETTE CHINA In contrast, the domestic network electricity suppliers can be much better than Dubai, although Dubai has a similar taxi service, but it is only limited to a taxi. Although Dubai can also online booking, but the price is not favorable. So, China
has too many places to learn from abroad. three the entertainment field of pure gimmick every day I will take the kids out for a walk, today went to a place called chocolate theme park, the name is quite tall on it, but I do not want to go to the door. I think it is a colorful place, like a ghost town because expose to wind and rain. Tickets are quite expensive, in a circle, the play area to spend money, DIY those who are not asking for money, is simply not open. In short, the 300 flowers really do not deserve! To say, there is still some things in the stadium, but there is no feeling of E-CIG CHINA value for money, so we are very disappointed. The playground of Dubai museum is not cheap, but like the chocolate Park really is not so deceptive. As I said, the 30 tickets are almost the same. But I’m sure it’s going to be torn down in this place for a few days, because it’s not going to be any more. Chinese people are not going to lose second times a time when. IV everywhere in the shop a few days the subway for half to Disposable e cigarette the Jingan Temple, whim took the children off to play, I heard that there are great changes. Indeed, all the way to see a temple is brilliant. I want to take the children go to have a look, we highlight around the temple in a circle around the edge, did not find the entrance. Jingan Temple Hot E Cig kits has been heavily: