spoke of Tencent, China’s largest Internet social and gaming company, in its development and growth, but also to establish a lot of enemies. When the 3Q war, let Tencent and 360 forged liangzi. The growing micro channel, so that China’s largest telecom operators in the mobile revenue is reduced, the day is not better than a day. and millet, creating a Chinese Internet mobile phone mode, is the breaking of a big money China Mobile. Former cool, HUAWEI and other traditional operators channel mobile phone manufacturers have also transformed the Internet mobile phones, so that mobile revenue in large. At the same time, when the introduction of machine special 360 Zhou Hongyi? Also defeated in front of Lei Jun, today’s market value of millet valuation has more than $45 billion, and 360 of the China Internet Security boss market value but a road fell. is the enemy of the socalled enemy is a friend, China Mobile and 360 face a common enemy, which allows them to get together and ran away from the heat, a few days ago has been news that the move is working with 360 to discuss capital. mobile by 360 to deal with millet and micro channel this year, the mobile phone in the micro channel and micro channel has
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Green Black been some panic, first set up a mobile Internet new media company against Tencent, and then with Qualcomm, ODM manufacturers signed a five version of the project agreement to support small and medium mobile phone manufacturers, you can feel the mobile Internet era of anxiety and anxiety faced by China
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-is-excellent-support-for-your-lively-club-life.html Mobile. and 360 again into the smart phone industry, but let’s find a good partner to deal with micro channel and millet. On the move, the lack of Internet genes, if can help 360 complete God phone layout, creating a powerful mobile Internet portal, mobile can millet revenge can also be on the micro channel drastic. Zhou Hong is not just a mobile phone, but the next big game in the latest open letter to the old, the old week to explain why 360 to insist on doing the phone. According to the old week is to completely solve the problem of mobile phone security, in fact, the intention of the old week is far from this. The old week is still want to use the advantage of 360 to secure, as a starting point, to create a safe smart phone. Only in this way, 360 to establish the core advantage of mobile phone of god. in addition, Zhou hung also said to be involved in the depth of the bottom of the operating system, to create a real mobile security. And once the security of the mobile phone to be successful, the 360 will be able to create a safe and secure to create a own ecological and mobile portal. p and once with China Mobile reached strategic cooperation, 360 and cool, a joint venture of new mobile phone brand, God the phone in the use of original own 360 Internet channel advantages at the same time, also with China mobile channel operators, which for the God phone sales is simply a menace.

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