Glasses 18 blog level level points: access: 20160122 09:09:13 at noon yesterday had a good trend, but also rebounded bottom attack again. 3000 points, the trend, because of the closing a share, after 11:30 Hong Kong stocks diving, which dragged down the A shares. Afternoon unilateral market fell, trading is a panic selloff, Prev Close below 2900 points for 2880 points, which is more than two years of low. It is worth noting is that recent stock trading appeared mysterious funds to support, such as two days before the reform of stateowned enterprises. 20160121 introduction prev to 2934 points opened, opened 42 points, opened after the shock disk, near midday slightly turned red, as of midday closing stock refers to 2991 points to close, up 15 points. Today in early trading, the two cities opened finishing disk changes I buy Nike air foamposite one little, 2900 points above still has the support, the market in early trading after finishing bottom rebound, the market in the afternoon I like Nike foamposite one can force the upside? From the early disk operation, surface showing the disk sort situations, though. Reading 20160121 08:58:24 today and is on Thu
Mens Charles Barkley Shoes 150805017rsday the, to paranoia in the periphery stock market under the background, a shares will be how to walk, will continue to be a test every investor mental thing. Under the current Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men situation, many investors believe that the big rally has arrived, the 2844 I love Nike air foamposite pro point is already a big end, but also a lot of investors believe that only 2850 points for the weak rebound, the market outlook will still hit a new low and continue to fall. Objectively speaking, these two really
Nike Foamposite One Women Shoes Online Sale are likely, we also. Reading 20160120 introduction for 3000 points in the vicinity of the straddle seesaw, I in the market yesterday, according to the analysis of Nike Air Max Sale For kids the expected rebound after pointed out that although the afternoon stock index rebounded to 3000 mark for the whole number region, time and the shock process, but the day worry free, the morning before the approach of capital movements, no ordinary behavior of money! Red market has been officially launched in the spring festival. This morning from dashed down the process point of view, the index shortterm shot up
Nike Foamposite One Men Shoes Online Sale again lower shock. Read 20160119 introduction on Tuesday, the market continued rebound trend, a shares in early trading a slight concussion, near midday in the prefix collective I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women pulled lead line market stronger. Afternoon, the market continued strong momentum, the final recovery of the 3000 point integer. At the close, stock index rose 3.22% to 3007.74, Shenzhen Component Index rose
Charles Barkley Shoes Men Online Sale 3.41% to 10501.79, the gem rose 3.07% to 2241.70. The two cities total turnover 5833 billion. Read 20160119 introduction in early trading review: on Tuesday Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened mixed, shot up in early trading after the GDP data and the impact of small diving, near midday quiet morning shares subject to be stronger, after pressure is expected to continue to rebound momentum. As of noon closing, the Shanghai index rose 2961.58 reported 1.64% points, up read