strong: strong Beijing time on August 12 evening news, Alibaba group and the United States of America’s top retail giant Macy jointly announced that both sides officially reached a longterm exclusive strategic partnership.Href= Beijing time August 12th evening news, href= Alibaba group and the United States of America’s top department store retail giant Messi announced that the two sides officially reached a longterm strategic cooperation. according to the introduction, Messi department store in the second half of 2015 settled lynx international, which will be the first Messi department store to enter the Chinese market is the only one of the third party online retail platform. After the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, the future will complement each other, the global supply chain integration, big data, full channel integration and other cooperation, to effectively help Messi department store opened up the Chinese market share of 367000000
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes White Black Red active consumers Alibaba’s retail platform. Ali, Messi department store together Messi department stores in today announced the first quarter earnings report, the settled lynx international, Alibaba and Alibaba reached a longterm strategic cooperation as the core of China’s strategic layout, the investors have done a focus on disclosure. At the same time, Messi department store also announced that it will set up a joint venture with the company, in order to better support the overall development strategy of Messi department store in china. CEO Zhang Yong said: it is a great honor to welcome and witness the United States has a reputation of highend department stores and Alibaba reached a longterm strategic cooperation with alibaba. 2015 is a comprehensive globalization of Alibaba group, Ali by virtue of the past years of accumulated ecommerce ecosystem, is building a data driven electronic commerce services ecosystem, believe that will effectively improve the Messi department store to develop Chinese market. At the same time, Messi department store will be greatly expanded to expand the international day in the clothing, jewelry, beauty, mother and child, and other brands and product richness. Believe that with the cat international through effective collaboration Ali ecosystem, can better serve Messi department stores, and effectively improve the overall continued to serve the entire ecosystem of Alibaba’s ability, and will attract more foreign brands to join. Messi, chairman of the department store CEO and Lundgren Terry, said: through the Chinese market continued to focus on, we see the E commerce and online retail in

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