strong: strong China’s three major operators, need to get rid of the technical thinking, respect for the rules of mass media, research and obey the social public consciousness, set up the service to the noble idea of social.Href= Telecom May public opinion circle hot, the reason is that with the economic situation in the forum will Premier Li Keqiang in the first quarter and urged the net downhill speed and cost, telecom tariff is rapidly becoming a hot news, big prime minister affairs to such segments directly to the local opinion really rare for a time, the industry experts and scholars of all kinds analysis of the frequency, the three major telecom operators should also be timely request of the prime minister launched a price discount program, but as in the past is not recognized, not only the price plan, and flooded with slobber, the official media Xinhua news agency has also brought the old topic of roaming charges, and our three operators again the object is reminiscent of the people are boiling with resentment, the annual CCTV three one five the party has been shelling, telecom ope
Mens Dwight Howard Shoes Yellow Orange Bluerators in the eyes of the public seems to become negative typical for many years, it is difficult to stand up. p as a once in operators work for many years old of telecommunications, many classmates and friends still operating within the District, their month by month, year by year as KPI travel, holidays should not break, the family may not accompany, work can be described as not to fight, why is overall get so bad review, not satisfied with the government, public dissatisfaction, operators of exactly where the problem? Is indeed worthy of reflection. In view of the analysis of the telecommunications industry, the article has been enough to change a perspective, from the perspective of economics and public relations to do some analysis. social and economic dimension p first talk about the social background for the net downhill fees, this is the Chinese government is vigorously promoting the public venture peoples creativity. Economic growth model of Pete, Adams, according to economics. Href= is the improvement of labor productivity, and this comes from technological progress and innovation, is the emergence of new products, new technologies. And technological progress and innovation depends on the division of labor, the more detailed division of labor, the higher the degree of specialization, the more innovative, more new products are also more. The division of labor is subject to the market, especially the market size. The bigger the market is, the more fine the division of labor is, the faster the technological progress, the more innovation, and then the more economic development. And after the economic development, we have a new wealth, the wealth itself has increased the size of the market, so that the formation of a virtuous circle, the economy is so constant to progress. The man who drives the chain is an entrepreneur who has the spirit of innovation and ability. China’s economic and economic development has entered a new normal, the traditional growth momentum weakened, capital

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