strong: strong Pinglun said that Internet is summer road flashed the goblins, everyone thought clear, in fact, everyone watched half. For this little demon, old Feng exactly how to see? real estate tycoon, business thinker, Wang, Feng, chairman of scripts bestselling author As Wantong Holdings Group Chairman, Feng Lun is not only one of China’s first commercial real estate players, with the Internet thinking real estate, real estate finance, Feng Lun is also a traditional real estate enterprise Internet based liberal faction, action faction. p and gradually became mature in the consumer goods industry verticals of the Internet today, Internet based real estate still lags behind, if before the Internet industry experienced barbarian growth, to the 2 0 15, Pinglun also had to admit that the
Mens Nike Terra Sert White CreamInternet in front of the government robbed estate Zhengfang wife position, ideal for Internet real estate is increasingly plump. Hot Internet entrepreneurs, fans of the economy, the Internet thinking in a different way to subvert and change the traditional real estate industry. p in housing prices for their own business transformation of the internal power and pressure from Internet companies and external penetration under the Internet a href rel = , , housing prices have picked up the pace, cautiously, has changed in the cutting field: houses, secondhand housing, leasing, Internet banking, community href rel = O2O, various segments around the corner, based on the experience in improving of subversion and attempt of the Internet. future era of things, real estate and the Internet there are a lot of gold to be found, from the upstream to the downstream property services, asset transactions and smart home, are likely to usher in a burst point. Rel= 4 on 15 days of the Beijing summit, Feng Lun will share with the participants of the traditional housing prices and the Internet of those things. about 2015 summit in Beijing: Rel= 2015,, will be held at the National Convention Center in Beijing in April 15th, 16, at the summit.

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