strong: strong targeting flexible thinking, have stronger service and advocacy awareness, familiar with the Internet and online shopping of local people, especially the youth to return home, the partners from non professional commissary change become specialized rural Taobao partner.Href= July 8th news, both a thousand villages after the program started, href= rel= nofollow, and released four rural strategy. 8, the second session of the China county ecommerce summit held in Tonglu, Zhejiang, Alibaba announced the village in the field of strategic partner, rural logistics development strategy, rural financial support strategy, and rural electricity suppliers training strategy. last October, Alibaba launched href= thousands of county village plan, plans to invest 10000000000 yuan in the next 35 years, 1000 county service centers and 100000 village service stations, the development of China’s rural electronic commerce. Ali data show that in 2014 the country has more than 300 yuan Taobao, which i
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellows more than 100 yuan in the central and western counties, the national poverty counties to become one hundred million taobao. Gao Hongbing, President of the Institute of research, the number of Taobao village in 2015 will be about 3 times the growth. p Taobao village reason why today is because more ideas are thought of young people back to the village and rural Ali Taobao responsible for Li Jun Sun said, for Ali, rural electricity is to build three piece of net, the first one is Skynet, let the government take part in, playing through the domain from the provinces to the city to the county; the second is human network, personnel training; the third is network, open city to the countryside of the last mile. meeting, Alibaba specifically elaborated on the above plan, while the release of rural Taobao partner model. p according to reports, in rural areas in the past mode of Taobao in the village service station, take is run to the commissary, choose the village good geographical location, owner of the learning ability of the canteen as partners, the owner through the Taobao’s sub commission system obtain deduct a percentage from a sum of money. p this pattern of deficiency lies in the commissary of the degree of specialization is not enough, can only take tradesmen, run way, restricts the efficiency of the village of service. therefore, in May of this year, Alibaba launched the 2 model of rural Taobao, aiming at the flexible, strong service and awareness, familiar with

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