Original title: this year, Beijing’s focus on the construction of three links, the subway yesterday, to buy air max shoes online attend the Boao Forum for Asia 2016 Beijing "integration of guests,
Air Jordan Shoes Women Tianjin and Hebei Province: GEC to Zhiyuan" sub forums. Boao forum for Asia, Boao forum for Asia 22, 2016, Hainan, Boao, Asia, the theme of the forum. 62 guests from 2100 countries and regions attended the meeting. Last week, presented at the press conference, Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia long 2016 will set up a buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online total of 88 are discussed, including 1 field at the opening of the general assembly, in 51 games forum, 15 roundtable discussion, five theme dinner, 10 dialogue entrepreneurs and 6 television debate. Yesterday, in the Boao Forum for Asia "integration of
Air Jordan Shoes Men Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei: GEC to Zhiyuan" sub forum, Beijing, Tianjin and three i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes officials collected is labor, Department of transportation and the discussion on the control of industrial flue gas. Beijing city deputy mayor Li Shixiang said that this year the focus of the construction of Beijing Metro in the three density, rather than taking into account the length of the suburbs. Talking about the traffic in Beijing, this year the opening of the 50 roads. During the period of "45", "Beijing Tianjin Hebei railway has been put on the agenda, the forum, deputy mayor, Beijing, Beijing, Tianjin, orbital traffic mileage will reach 1333 km. For the issues of public concern, limit line of odd, even said that Zhang accepted the media interview said that Beijing will not rush to perennial executed "restricted odd and even, but to focus on solving the odd, even major countries and extreme weather conditions and in the process to see the results. Further research.". We must fully take into account people’s work and life more easily and livable city, in his speech, the Yangtze River in his speech to continue to not rush to implement the idea of this year, odd and even number of restrictions. Li Shixiang pointed out
Carmelo Anthony Shoes that now, if you do not let the car, the car is not convenient, the ground traffic problems, Hongkong next to the Beijing subway. Li Shixiang said that Beijing economic activities in the 71% ring. This year, the Beijing metro construction concentrated in the density of three ring, rather than considering the length of the suburbs, is to make everyone think that the subway car is very convenient. At the same time in the road network density, this year, Xicheng District will open 28 broken roads, Dongcheng District opened 22 broken roads. In accordance with the worst air quality, city, Hebei in ten cities reduced to four seats 2015 blue sky and white clouds, number of days for 185 days, compared to 2014 has been greatly improved, but last December for a week or more extreme weather, all of a sudden pull low overall level of Beijing. In the face of the flow of air, Tianjin, Beijing and three are in the interests of i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes the community. Vice governor of Hebei province Zhang Jiehui gives a "reassurance", said Beijing Tianjin Hebei can look forward to the prospect buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online of governance haze. Zhang jiehui, Hebei Province 2013, 2015 after three years haze rule, 2013 and over the particle lung index and 28.7% decreased to the end of the year, last December and heavy pollution weather attacks, monitoring the rise or fall more i like air max shoes than 15% of the environmental protection department, walking in such a trend, Beijing and Tianjin, saying,