[subscription] 1. The sweat of the brow = liver yang hyperactivity if the forehead is often a lot of sweat, TCM believes that may be caused by liver yang hyperactivity. I suggest you go to the hospital to check the thyroid hormone secretion is normal, because this is likely to be caused by excess thyroid hormone secretion. Folk medicine practitioners advise: usually try to keep peace of discount kids air jordan shoes mind and less angry, women in particular, to every full sleep, otherwise easy to Yin and liver yang hyperactivity. Daily brew wolfberry tea, has the functions of calming the liver. 2 = nose sweating lung deficiency if the usual nose means you love sweating, lung deficiency, need air conditioning. From the perspective of theory of medicine, most of your immunity is low, need to improve immunity. Folk TCM recommendation: every day you beat the legs with the hands or tools. Among them, the key is repeatedly beating, and pressing the legs on both sides of the, because this is your lungs on the distribution of the site, through appropriate stimulation to the purpose of regulating lung. 3 neck sweat = endocrinopathy neck glands sparsely distributed, so few peop
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 Black White Redle will be sweating neck. If your neck is often sweating, may you endocrine related. Folk Chinese medicine: the best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination of hormone. And if my chest sweat, Chinese medicine said that the body of your stomach and spleen. Doctors feel that in this case, most of your body’s blood circulation is slow, oxygen transport is not smooth. Folk practitioners recommend: usually not excessive anxiety, also
http://www.nzlan.com/news/html/?112441.html do not see horror piece, so as not to scare over heart and spleen. Eat greasy, cold food, usually with Astragalus, jujube drink water can relieve symptoms. 5 = underarm sweating sweat too much
Womens Air Jordan 14 Winter Style or eating too much distribution a lot of armpit sweat, sweat more. But if too strong sweat secretion, are mostly sweat diameter is too large for you. If you i love jordan nubuck men sweat smell great, because you are overweight diet, eating too much
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 onion, garlic, onions and other food. Folk Chinese medicine: sweat too much, you can go to the hospital i love cheap jordans wholesale to do simple and effective laser treatment. The discount lebron james website diet should be light, less salt and less spice, eat more fruits and vegetables. Damp heat, blood deficiency if you feel nervous, excited or scared, palms or soles of the feet sweat easily, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks you are mostly the spleen’s failure, spleen stomach damp heat and blood deficiency. Folk Chinese medicine recommendations: abdominal massage after meals every day, massage 30 laps in a clockwise, then counterclockwise massage 30 times. And to eat the best, try not to eat cold food, such as ice
Womens Air Jordan Shoes cream, cold drinks etc 7 = back sweating weakness, exhaustion of yin and Yang back sweat little distribution, so love to sweat on the back of your body i like lebron james 2016 and weak, have extreme fatigue. Folk TCM suggestions: to ensure adequate sleep, diet should be rich, nutritious, with nourishing yin and tonifying yang, women can also do 15 minutes of yoga meditation sooner or later. 8 i like air jordan shoes men privates sweat damp, kidney yang weakness = if you love your private sweat, TCM believes that your article